New Paladin Healing Abilities

Now that the new talent trees have been posted by Blizzard, and since the beta for Wrath of the Lich King is open to check them out ourselves, it's time to look at all the changes. In this second article about the Paladin talent trees, Byron "Messiah" Mudry discusses the Holy tree.

Tier five changes slightly with the addition of a new talent called Infusion of Light. This talent reduces the cast time of Holy Light by up to 2.5 seconds after casting a Holy Shock. This talent has the potential to make Holy Shock very useful. Normally it has not been a commonly used spell due to it's mana cost, however it could be useful now as a last resort spell. You will now be able to cast it for a small heal, and then another immediately after the global cooldown (GCD), cast a big heal using Holy Light. This would let you get two heals off with just the GCD in between them. As a last minute save this could really help if you are behind in healing.

You can find all the details in the In-Depth Look at WotLK Paladin Talents – Holy.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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