Cryptic Previews Champions Online's Night Avenger Archetype

When crime rears its ugly head in Champions Online, a new dark hero rises to meet the challenge.
Heroes in Champions Online are about to get a more mysterious and vicious set of powers. Cryptic has posted a preview of the upcoming Night Avenger stealth Archetype.  The Night Avenger offers a number of gadgets and stealthy claw attacks to dispatch his foes.

The Night Avenger is a powerful stealth Archetype that makes use of stealth and powerful strikes to dispatch foes quickly and precisely. Once the Night Avenger has struck he can use a powerful arsenal of gadgets and tools, including gas pellets, bolas and even his own personal jet for a strafing run!

Find out what other new powers and changes have been added to make way for the Night Avenger in the Archetype preview.

Source: Champions Online Previews Night Avenger Archetype

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