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10 new MMOG articles today. For those of you keeping score that's 178 pieces of MMOG entertainment in October that you can't find anywhere else. No other network comes close.

Big news ladies and gents...the good folks at Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment let us know that Stargate Worlds is scheduled for release in Q4 2008. This is the first time that the tentative release date has been announced. Thanks to the Cheyenne team for letting us break the news.

TenTonHammer.com didn't send a crew to the the E For All event. The general consensus among the team was that it wasn't going to be worth attending. As fate would have it, we were right. Thanks to Pig from the Wandering Goblin for sending me a link to his E For All escapades.

E3 was King, Queen and Court of game events. No other affair had the pomp, pageantry and flamboyant confidence of E3. That remains true today. No show this year had the influence on the game community that E3 once held. Leipzig tried, and with five halls each the size of the South Hall at the L.A. Convention Center, the former home of E3, it was larger than the King of Shows had ever been. Being held in the land that bottled water, deodorant and air conditioning forgot was problematic and with the exception of the Warhammer Online booth and possibly the Age of Conan display it was a shadow of what E3 delivered. Even the Blizzard display was a sterile shadow of what would have been at E3.

PAX had a shot at being the new King, but it lined itself up against Leipzig and ran over the same weekend. The big media sites all attended PAX, but they sent larger crews to Leipzig. Unless PAX switches dates, which apparently they have done, it will remain the biggest show in North America that nobody cares about.

I have to wonder if the marketing muscle at the big publishers that was so distressed over the cost of attending E3 is now more agitated by the cost of attending a dozen events spread across the globe. We spent a fortune to attend E3 in 2006 and in 2007 we spent a fortune and then some to attend the splintered events that ran every three weeks like buckshot fired across the globe. It became a running joke with many of the developers that we talked to them face to face every two weeks.

The King is dead and though it cost more for the media and for publishers to promote and report on the industry in the end it gave smaller companies some of the limelight and it gave media outlets more opportunity to build a rapport with the teams who make the industry possible.

As readers did you prefer having one large blast of E3 coverage to the way it spilled out this year?

Comments, questions or naughty pictures? Hit the blog or hit my mailbox. --Boomjack

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