Alright folks, it's time for me to step back into The Elder Scrolls Online. We've got the preview weekend that's free-to-play for beta users, which I'm pretty excited about, and I have my account here and everything setup to play. My checklist for my gaming session here is a 12-pack of soda, 4 hours of sleep, and a notepad filled with magic incantations. 

This is my thoughts going into the experience and I'm sure they'll mimic yours. When I first played, I was hesitant of the ability to pull off an Elder Scrolls experience and to my dismay, the open beta build I played as the same that they launched with, including game stopping bugs, quest problems, NPC issues, and much more. 

I did my duty covering the game for you guys as much as I could, but I had to part ways from it to move on to greener pastures because the game was too hard to play. The UI, while polished, was difficult for me to navigate. The gameplay was fun, but the bugs were too much. I was often stuck with nowhere to quest because the quests I could do were bugged. 

PvP was a bloodbath, I kept running up against a wall of horror with each game being worse than the last. It wasn't fun and not being fun was the biggest killer for me. ESO was a great game, just really not the game I was ready for. 

I'm excited to dive back in and report on my coverage, that's why the rest of this week is ESO liveblog week. Starting with installing it. 

So I don't have enough hard drive space to get started, but that's totally okay because I have a really funny story. So a suggestion was to make sure to put your code in a brand new account, not your beta account, to avoid any problems. So I went with it, but used my alternative iCloud account. In the process, I was frustrated because I had ESO. After finding the email, I got the client installed and... we'll talk about the rest tomorrow. 

I do hope that in my playthrough, the game has improved on flow, content, and overall progression along with pulling together combat and proficiencies. I'm not 100% sure on everything that has changed yet, but I'm going to try my best to just be an average every day ES fan and walk into the game with a fresh mind. Here is wishing me luck! 

In other news, everyone seems to be avoiding the GTA 5 release like the plague. EA is giving away games on Humble Bundle for practically free, which is interesting. There isn't much of anything coming out, though I'm not very excited for GTA 5 on the PC because I've already beat it what seems like forever ago.

I did play a really cool game called Please, Don't Touch Anything. It's um, interesting? It's a puzzle game that  the puzzles were a bit too hard for me. I got a lot of the endings, but some of them were too obscure or required guessing, which isn't attractive to me. 


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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016

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