Well I finally got ESO installed and everything operational and the first thing I did was become a criminal within seconds of logging in, evading guards, and then laying low for awhile. This is the system I desired when I first played the game and now that it's here, the game makes far more sense than it did before. When I first played it had an Auto Assault like tendency to just collect random things throughout the world without consequence, that felt off. 

With the bounty system in place, it all makes more sense and that's amazing. I'm still too early in playing right now to talk about much more than that, but I think it's an interesting point. MMOs have to have these concepts baked into them now for the game to be successful. It's mandatory.  

One of the interesting components of this update and the mechanics involved is that it fits perfectly with the lore, considering the thieves guild is such a strong part of ESO lore. It makes the world feel a bit better, but let's talk about the actual system a bit 

I find it slightly clunky, in the sense that if you want to steal then that's your only task in the game. There isn't a way yet to launder your goods and having stolen goods on you makes you a target no matter what. You have to basically head straight for a major city and sell the items, but the items I've gotten so far have sold rather well, like 100 gold each which is substantial at lower levels, even if teleports are still expensive. 

In other news, I've found the game to somehow be a lot more attractive than before, for sure, it doesn't still compare to WoW to me for MMO of the century, but it's definitely fun to play and the rebalancing of the skills has made combat so far much more interesting. There is also a lot of players on, I don't know if they rebalanced their phasing or not 

Outside of ESO I want to admit that I'm very bored right now. Titan Souls looks cool, but in execution it fails since I've already played the boss fighter genre so much. The Witcher III is soon, but it's still a few weeks out. A lot of gamers are avoiding the launch window of GTA 5 and with good reason, it has broken a Steam concurrency record, meaning that people are forgoing playing anything else for GTA 5 right now. 

Now is literally the worse time to release anything, because there is no attention for it, but for those of us who have beat GTA 5, now is the worst time because there is nothing new to feed our insatiable lust for games. Well, ESO is there, which I'm thankful for actually in a way right now. 

Onward with my adventures in ESO, let's see what else Tamriel has to offer. 

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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