My Quest - A New Genre

  • Real-time strategy games -- Check!!!  Love 'em!  Understand 'em! 
  • MOBAs -- Check!!!  Love 'em! (well most of them) Understand 'em!
  • MMORPGs -- Check!!!  Love 'em.  Understand 'em.
  • First-person shooters -- Check!!!  Love 'em.  Understand 'em. 

Enter fighting games.

Full disclosure.  I played some Smash Bros with my kids and my daughter destroyed me at Injustice.  That is the extent of my fighting game experience.

Putting me in the position to try and cover Mortal Kombat X, might seem ridiculous and in some respects I tend to agree, but truthfully I'm looking forward to it.   Where can new players go to ask the questions that seems so idiotic to the hard core players?  I'm hoping to be that guy, because I'll have the same questions, probably more.

14 Million Views Later

I don't know the backstory to the characters (yet), but I'm eager to go through it.  It isn't often that a person is given the chance to cover a game that has changed pop culture. 

So, off to get started.   Who else is diving into this as a first-timer?  Any veterans have any advice? 

I can play on XBox ONE, PS4 or PC.   Any recommendations?

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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