PETA has petitioned for more humane treatment of the “Monster” in the recently released game, Evolve.

The title pits four players or "Hunters" versus one "Monster".   The monster must eat wildlife that it finds in the game to evolve into a more powerful version of itself.   If it becomes powerful enough it can kill the Hunters.  

“The name itself is degrading,” said one protestor, who had body painted herself as a lizard in reference to the Goliath in the game.

[Ed: Note the stylized "e" in the PETA sign, surely a knock towards the "e" in eSports.]

Can you see the resemblance? It's uncanny how closely she got the costume down.  Even the heels are perfect. 

“And... the monster has to eat meat.  There is no vegetarian or vegan option. That’s sick, Vegan monsters are grossly under-represented in the game industry.” she touted, waving a sign depicting a seal clubbing a gamer.

When informed that a) the beast was virtual and b) the wildlife was also virtual, she changed quicker than Katy Perry at a shark concert into what was apparently meant to resemble a poorly packaged steak. 

“Who’s the bloody fool now?” she shouted as onlookers covered her in clear plastic wrap.  

She did appear more appetizing after a group dressed as hunters tranq’d her, cleaned her up, drizzled BBQ sauce on her and put her on a plate next to some greens. 

When asked what she would do next, the protestor replied, "Landmark!  They are cutting down trees by the thousands in that so called game.   Well, it's no game for those trees.  I'll tell you that."

More on this story as it Evolves, no pun intended. 

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016

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