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Air date: November 27, 2010

Episode length: 01:46:39

This week on Ten Ton Hammer Live the boys welcome back Spacetime
Studios' Gary Gattis and THE Cinco Barnes to talk about the recent
updates and future plans for their game  style="font-style: italic;">Pocket Legends, and
why it's THE BEST portable MMOG out there.

Also this week in the news, World
of Warcraft
dominates the discussion and we learn that Ten
Ton Hammer Live is moving strictly to tentonhammer.com. Be sure to
update your links!


We end the show with a great final OMFG master looter between Ben and
Dav for all of Jesse's praise, and talk about the future of the show
and our upcoming guests.


So listen up, cause it's gonna be a good one!


Also be sure to check us out on href="http://facebook.com/tentonhammerlive">facebook.com/tentonhammerlive

Bumpers in order of play: "We Interrupt This Programme" (Jean Claude
Ades Remix), Roomie - "Bedroom Intruder (cover)", Jupiter One -
"Countdown", Ben Harper - "Say you will", Master Looter Theme, Mega Man
3 - "Passing of the Blue Crown"

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