For players that want a chance to truly affect a game's environment, history, or future, EVE Online stands at the front of the pack of choices. Boasting tens of thousands of players online, all on the same server, EVE Online allows those willing to form massive corporations and alliances the opportunity to participate in events unseen anywhere else in the genre. This week, our resident EVE insider, The Mittani, breaks down the events leading up to and during the Second Great War for the masses.

Haargoth Agamar struck, implementing a plan conceived by the GIA. 'Band of Brothers' ceased to exist as each member corporation was kicked from the alliance, the alliance itself disbanded, and the name 'Band of Brothers' stolen by a Swarm-controlled alt corporation. Sovereignty defenses dropped throughout all of what had been BoB territory. The war was on and each side had to react.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016