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Synopsis: The eighth Loading Live vooncast is joined by EVE Online Associate Producer Arend Stührmann just before the launch of EVE's tenth expansion, Apocrypha, on March 10th. Arend's a busy guy, and in addition to overseeing EVE China and the CCP side of EVE Voice, Cider and Cedega (the Mac and Linux ports of the game), he's also the product owner of the Wormholes concept. So exploration will be at the top of our questions list following this week in MMO news, and we'll also touch on the epic mission arc, factions, story, and other features of EVE's most revolutionary expansion yet!

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  • Jeff "Ethec" Woleslagle
    Editor in Chief- Ten Ton Hammer Network
  • Ben "Machail" de la Durantaye
    Managing Editor - Ten Ton Hammer Network


  • Reuben "Sardu" Waters
    Ten Ton Hammer Staff Writer


  • Arend Stührmann
    EVE Online Associate Producer
  • You!
    Join us next week on Voon in room: Ten Ton Events.

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  • 0:21 Introductions and Pleasantries

We introduce our special guest and not-so-special host and co-host, then move straight to the news so we have plenty of time for questions.


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News and Events
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  • 1:18 The Machail Report
  • 1:18 Every dev has its day
  • 2:34 Aventurine's hardcore ban hammer
  • 4:09 Race for funding?

In this week's Machail Report, March 16th has been proclaimed SOE Day in San Diego, Darkfall gets serious about banning exploters, and Team Stargate Worlds crossing the finish line... the auto racing team, that is, not the game.


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Dev Chat with Champions Online's Bill Roper
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  • 4:19 Meet Arend Stührmann
  • 5:18 New in Apocrypha
  • 6:28 Wormhole Basics
  • 8:31 Apoc's Effect on Apocrypha
  • 10:15 Tech3 Versatility
  • 12:36 Epic Mission Arcs
  • 14:31 Effects on trade
  • 16:21 Sleeper attacks on POS?
  • 16:55 Wormhole mapping
  • 20:24 Moon Minerals in WH Space
  • 21:43 Enviro FX of Wormholes
  • 23:18 Jovians
  • 26:48 AI for non-Sleepers
  • 29:51 Lag Issues
  • 30:41 Wrap-up

Arend fielded over 30 rapid-fire questions from the Ten Ton Hammer staff and audience, tossing in hints like whether or not fighters and drones will count toward wormhole mass limits, whether corps should fear sleeper attacks on player-owned structures (POSs) anchored in wormhole space, what mining opportunities will be available in WH space, and whether any factions besides the sleepers can be found in EVE Online's 2,500+ new systems.



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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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