If you didn't know already - I'll be at the SMITE World Championship here in Hotlanta from Friday until I believe Sunday. If you're interested in me doing something specific for you and won't be attending, let me know in the comments section below. If you'll be attending and want to meet some Ten Ton Hammer All Stars then hit me up on Twitter (@orangekun). 

Respawn this week is going be all about that SMITE about that SMITE, no crowd funding until next week - sorry, but it's what I'll be focusing on, but next week you can expect some serious discussion about games, storytelling, and my hopes for 2015. 

Hey, look, I actually wrote 2015 instead of 2014, go me!  As a brief aside, TONS of cool stuff coming this week for SMITE fans here at Ten Ton Hammer, including a super awesome giveaway and more info on our SMITE coverage here.

404 Not Found Doesn't Show Up 

In a surprising turn of events, 404 doesn't show up, but then somehow still finishes second in a surprising twist of luck. I wrote this comically, before I found out about how they actually won't show up, so this prediction will probably be true. 

Someone Wins a Million Dollars 

I don't know how this works but I believe that someone may leave the tournament a millionaire, well the team of five split five ways, but that's still a cool 200k. Someone is going to win this, someone is. Who is that someone? I don't know, but you can make your guesses over at eSportsPools.com and see if you can guess correctly, winning some actual cash prizes in the process. That is freaking super cool and with that money you can pick up some of the cool items in SMITE.

I will go to the bathroom when the biggest play happens 

I'm not going to lie, I can't sit still for 8 hours without going to the bathroom, as I'm a Human being, but there is no RunPee for eSports, so obviously I'm going to miss the most fun cool action of the game. There is nothing more fun than walking into something and not knowing why the crowd is cheering and riots have broken out outside as someone's ultimate caused a major upset. 

SMITE Will Announce to the World It's Serious about eSports 

SMITE has been sort of on the fence, much like Strife and Heroes of Newerth, about how much serious of a contender it is in the big leagues, but this tournament is going to establish it as part of the holy trifecta of MOBAs: LoL, DotA 2, and SMITE. The prize pool, the attendance, and the excitement is going to tell the world that SMITE isn't a kids game and it's serious business. 

This time is the best time to do that, as serious contenders are spooling up like Heroes of the Storm. It's important to establish dominance early and now. 

COG Will Not Come in First 

Seriously, I don't think COG is going to take this one home - every sign points to that they will be there in the finals and they are the most serious contender, but I have hopes for the underdogs. That's why on eSportsPools.com I'll be betting on SK or Titan to pull through for the upset.  

I do think we'll see an upset - all of the teams, except for 404, I think have a clear runway for victory and anyone could take this. Some are stronger contenders than others, but all of them have dominated some fierce regionals to get to where they're at now and the prize pool is huge. 

Money motivates and in the case of SMITE I'd say the contenders are hyper motivated to win. If that million dollar prize pool doesn't get the mouse's burning on fire and Apollo's voice ringing through the air, then nothing will. 

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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