SMITE World Championship is over, but the fun in SMITE runs 24/7, and now you can have fun in style with either the Cerulean Sky skin for Amatersu, or the Sol Skin for Polaris. Hi-Rez has provided us with enough keys for at least 10 winners (5 for Amatersu, 5 for Sol). The way this contest of sorts will work is, leave a comment saying which is your favorite of the two, either Amatersu or Sol, and why if you so want to share. Then make sure to note which skin you want, you can pick either Amatersu, Sol, or both. If you pick both, you'll get one of the two at random (you can prioritize which one you want, write it out in your comment). I'll pick comments through a random process (likely to use and distribute them through Disqus.

I have spare Solaris Sol keys to give away to the best comments, which I'll actually read through and pick myself. There might even be some Desert Queen Isis skins throw into the mix too if we get enough awesome comments coming that need to be rewarded!

Replies won't count, so make a new comment (don't reply to someone else), but feel free to reply and discuss amongst yourself if you want. Be nice. I don't believe in deleting in comments, but if any mean stuff might be moderated out (sorry), let's keep it clean and nice and the such.

If you're the grumpy kind of person who doesn't like either, but wants them anyway, or the nice kind of person who can't pick, you can also just share what you liked most about SMITE World Championship or even what you like most about SMITE. I'll be rather liberal in what you share, just be sure to note which of the two skins you want, and if you want more than the other, be sure to add that in.

Be sure your email in is up to date. You will be contacted through Disqus. The skins will work even if you don't have the hero.

Keys will be given away on 2/1/2016

Here are the cards for each the skins:

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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