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alt="Now on Farm or That's a Wipe">

In this section
we'll look at the hits and misses taking place in the

The Argent Tournament has all of the makings of Medeor's favorite
farmin' but as with all things on the PTR we need to see it live before
we get too excited. At first I cringed at the thought of more arenas,
but this is actually PvE oriented. With the phasing and instancing that
Blizzard has used with great success in Lich King, I expect some
awesome adventures in Ice Crown.

Wipefest; a close friend lost 8,000 armor (~22%) and 3,000 hit points
(~12%) on his Druid on the PTR, yikes!

The amount of content Blizzard is creating and changing for Patch 3.1
is only slightly less than a full expansion (all win!), or as some see
it, the other half of what was supposed to be in the box (doh!).


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alt="Caverns of Time">

Ah the good old
days. Some we miss, but most we just
appreciate (for the fact that they're gone!).

Do you Paladins remember when there were no "Greater" buffs and
everyone had to be rebuffed every five bleepin' minutes?

How about Paladin gear dropping for the Horde (before Horde could be
Paladins) and having to sell it on the neutral auction house?

Do you remember when fishing was fun? Oh that's right, it's never been


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alt="Medeor's Mishaps and Mayhem">

I've taken a vow of celibacy, and not cheating on WoW this year. Yep, I
have shelved all of my other games and canceled all subscriptions
except for those auto-renewals that keep Blizzard employees in blue
embroidered bowling shirts. As many of my friends know, it's rare that
I don't have 2-3 subscriptions going at any one time. It has nothing to
do with the economy (although it's nice not having to explain to the
missus where all that money goes). The decision was made to determine
if WoW can keep my undivided attention this year. So far the game
outpaces me as I have a load of things I want to complete in the game
and not enough time to do them.  And this isn't a bad thing.
For one, I want to play in the Arena Tournament, but I haven't had the
time to set it up (let alone coordinate my schedules with my arena
buddies). I realize this costs extra money, but technically it's not
another game so it fits within my own made up rules that I can change
at any time, heck, you can call me Blizzard.

Speaking of Arena fun, do you have what it takes to be a broadcaster?
Probably not, but if you think you do, feel free to href="">William Hung
your way to stardom by submitting an arena play by play account. While
technically not part of the rules, I am inserting some helpful hints
for any of you thinking you have what it takes:

If you
submit anything with Leroy in the name, or
during the account, your characters will be deleted and
account banned forever.

Any account that does not include the term "working as intended" will
be canned as well. This term is best used during a Rogue's failure to
Vanish properly.

Do not worry about
the pronunciation of "Protection Warrior,"
"Enhancement Shaman," or "Warlock," but make darn sure you can
pronounce "RMP" as in Rogue-Mage-Priest since that seems to be making a
serious comeback.

In other Arena News, Korea takes the crown (they had to, it was two
Korean teams in the finals). Smacking aside the North American,
European and Scandinavian gladiators, Korean team HON destroyed all
takers in the href=""> ESL
Global Arena Tournament.
Taking home $30,000 probably felt pretty good too. Gaming power house
SK Gaming still placed 3 teams in the top 10, but couldn't overcome the
Koreans in the end. Obviously the HON team deserves high fives, but the
ESL website is probably one of the worst websites I've ever
encountered, maybe someone thought they were playing a hunter and could
just roll their face across the keyboard. Zing, take that hunters!

Speaking of Hunters, many of the groups had a Hunter in the mix. Of
course the cry went up before the tournaments that Death Knights would
rule the day, but in the end, it was RMP for the two finalists. For
those of you that think Mages are broken, let it be known that the HON
team won with their Mage as the last one standing in a 1v2 fight to the

Is your Mage broken in PvP? Are you playing in the Arena Tournament? Do
you have dreams of being an announcer in a professional gaming league? href="">Let's

Until next week, have fun and thanks for reading,


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016