The World of Warcraft Weekly Report is here this week with all of the latest news. This week we also take a deep look into microtransactions in both WoW and online gaming in general. Is the microtransaction revolution as evil as the Burning Legion or is it something that's helpful to gaming as a whole? Find out in this week's Weekly Report and be sure to subscribe.

On the other hand, think about the charge you see each month for your MMOGs. It’s like you’re paying another phone bill. You don’t get a new shiny box for your cash, no cartridges, no CDs, or even a +1 to games owned on Steam. You just have permission to play on someone’s server with a game that you’ve already bought. Feels kind of bad doesn’t it? If you pick up too many subscriptions then the number keeps growing and makes you feel even worse. $15 a month isn’t bad, especially if you play the game a lot, but what about $30? $45? At what point does the price become a bit too much when you don’t get anything tangible from it?

The WoW Weekly Report is here with talks about microtransactions. Good, bad, ugly? Read on to find out.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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