Camelot Unchained Unleashes the HelBound

Mark Jacobs reveals more about the Viking’s HelBound healer class and lore for Camelot Unchained.

Mark Jacobs returns this week with a Camelot Unchained update to reveal the Viking’s healer class known as the HelBound. The update is the first in a series of “To be a...” class features, which will include currently planned classes as well as classes that the team hopes to eventually get in the game. This week’s class, the HelBound, reveals a lengthy piece of new lore that tells all about the class, and just what Hel has to do with it.

“Hel is not a goddess, as the ignorant may believe. As you have learned, she is one of the Greater Powers, beings so transformed by the Veilstorms that they have become transcendent humans. From your initial studies, you doubtless understand her evolution was both powerful and painful, as the duality in her appearance testifies. Like many of the Greater Powers, it was her inner strength that both protected and transformed her through the power of the Veilstorms. When her metamorphosis was complete she was left a being that simultaneously walked in multiple worlds. Wherever she passed, she brought both life and death and she fed off of this, growing ever stronger. Until one glorious day, she transcended both life and death to become what she is now.

Read the full lore and update on the Camelot Unchained website. And be sure to browse the new concept art if you want an idea of what the HelBound will look like.

Source: Camelot Unchained - HelBound

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