DDO Screenshots Highlight Mabar Endless Night Festival

The dead become restless in anticipation of the Mabar Endless Night Festival for Dungeons & Dragons Online.

Help put the dead to rest as the Mabar Endless Night Festival returns to Dungeons & Dragons Online. This week Turbine has released a new batch of screenshots ahead of the event to showcase some of the scenes and enemies that players will encounter during the event. Give them a look below.

The Mabar Endless Night Festival starts on October 25th and will continue through November 4, 2012. Visit the Mabar Endless Night Festival page to learn more about the event.

DDO-Mabar-01 DDO-Mabar-02 DDO-Mabar-03
DDO-Mabar-04 DDO-Mabar-05 DDO-Mabar-06
DDO-Mabar-07 DDO-Mabar-08 DDO-Mabar-09
DDO-Mabar-10 DDO-Mabar-11

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