Helping New Players

Unleash your inner scout! Are you up to the challenge of helping those
who are new to the adventure of Dungeons & Dragons Online:
Stormreach (DDO)? They may even make it worth your while:

In the spirit of cooperation, House Ghallanda and Tharashk
partnered to reward individuals who assist new adventurers by helping
them gain entry to the Harbor. We call upon the preferred professions
of cleric, rogue and bard to guide their charges through the early
tasks required by Gerald Goodblade or the rumored Low Road. House
Representatives will monitor and select a few individuals each day who
take the time to offer this assistance and reward them with recognition
through the Stormreach community. You will see your name commemorated
on the Aspirants Square fountain, and receive a special forum rank and

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016