Dreamfall Chapters Goes Cyberpunk with Europolis Reveal

Dreamfall Chapters reveals the dystopian cyberpunk-themed wasteland Europolis, a stark contrast to previous fantasy settings.

Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey has hit that sweet magical number of $1 million pledged on Kickstarter. This week the Red Thread Games devs also revealed a new video this week of Europolis, a cyberpunk-themed city-state set in the dystopian future. Europolis is referred to in the video as “A hell hole. A wasteland. A dank pit of decadence and lost hope.” The developers even call it “The dark heart of Europe. The rotting corpse, the entrails of former Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic.” So it sounds like the perfect place to build a summer home.

Europolis aims for a very different mood with a much darker tone. Give it a look in the video below and be sure to check out Dreamfall Chapters on Kickstarter.

Source: Dreamfall Chapters Europolis Reveal

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