EVE Online Developers Talk MMOG Innovation

EVE Online’s Lead Game Designer Kristoffer Touborg and Senior Producer Jon Lander discuss innovation and The Elder Scrolls Online.

PC Gamer recently caught up with EVE Online Lead Game Designer Kristoffer Touborg and Senior Producer Jon Lander to chat about innovation and comments made by The Elder Scrolls Online’s Game Director Matt Firor in which Firor commented in a previous interview that, “At this point in the evolution of MMOs, every MMO has tried something at one point or another that you’re going to do in your game. There aren’t any more truly innovative features

The duo disagreed with Firor's statement and served up their own thoughts on innovation. Touborg made it clear that he expected Jon Lander to fire him if he ever made that statement, so you can't disagree much more than that.

"No, and if I ever said that, Jon should fire me. Yeah, I wouldn’t agree with that. The best MMOs are entirely different. If you want my top five MMOs, they’re all completely different. Other people have tried to replicate it afterwards, but the fact is that the unique MMOs are the ones that are going to survive for a long time, Touborg said."

The two went on to discuss the innovations of DUST 514 by linking the universe of PC-based space MMOG EVE Online with the PlayStation 3 shooter. It’s clear from their statements that the duo is believes that the genre has plenty left to offer and that they hope to see more innovation in future titles to mix up the design formula for other games and break away from the traditional design.

Read the full interview at PC Gamer to learn more about what the two think of innovation and other games on the market such as the increasingly popular DayZ mod.

Source: PC Gamer

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