The Elder Scrolls Online's Daggerfall Covenant Faction Profiled

By Stacy Jones -

Learn all about The Elder Scrolls OnlineÂ’s Daggerfall Covenant faction and what makes them tick. Game Informer has posted a new installment of their growing content for The Elder Scrolls Online. The latest entry profiles the Daggerfall Covenant faction, which is made up of an alliance between the bretons, orcs and redguards.

“There is a lot of historical friction between the redguards and the bretons,” explains game director Matt Firor. “There have been a lot of little wars between them, and there has been as much internal fighting in High Rock as there has been with external provinces, but it’s a much more settled area and a little more peaceful. The Bretons have given the orcs their own homeland within their territory, and all three races like and respect each other. This faction is a lot more democratic than the others.”

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Source: The Elder Scrolls Online – Daggerfall Covenant

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