Got some time into Destiny? Just starting? These tips are for everyone and are some of the questions I find from both new and seasoned players of Destiny. If you’re wanting to be the best Guardian you can be, then check out these 10 helpful tips.

  1. Heavy ammo spawns actually grant ammo in an AOE around the ammo spawn in the crucible. If you’re within a short range of someone who collects one, you will collect it as well.
  2. There is no class limitation on which weapons you can equip. Equip whatever you want to equip when you go into battle. There is no class specific advantage to the “suggested weapons” beyond the idea that class skills generally work best at specific ranges that work well with weapons, but in practice you should use what’s most comfortable for your playstyle.
  3. You should have a lot of different weapons available in the PvE campaign. There are many scenarios where you’ll be shoved into a fight in a cave that contains a lot of close combat and then immediately put into a long range fight with a wizard. So it’s good to, as soon as you perish, have a quick think about what weapon would help you get through this easier. It's the same in PvP, but obviously scenarios change rapidly and you switch from close, mid, and long range combat within seconds. However, you may want to have options available depending on which map you're in, as some maps favor specific gameplay over others.
  4. Engrams can level up with you, keep an eye out on your character sheet to see if you can upgrade any of your rare or higher weapons and armor with additional abilities.
  5. Farming can be tedious and with Bungie nerfing farming areas it’s always good to grind reputation, even if you overlook it as too much work. It enables you to get legendaries without having to deal with farming a loot cave or farming chests.
  6. Speaking of farming, avoid exploits that are posted online. If it’s something unnatural, it’s usually best not to do it. The fun of Destiny is the online play and threatening your account with some kind of exploit is never a smart play.
  7. Guides written near launch or even the printed guides are slowly becoming obsolete. Always look for fresh information. The reason being is that Bungie is making tons of updates that dramatically change things, like as of writing this, they’re changing the Cryptarch, so don’t take everything you read as the 100% super serious fact.
  8. When fighting hard enemies like Wizards, it’s best to unload your heavy ammo into them and then get to the next checkpoint, because you can always farm more ammo or even just go into orbit and get ammo elsewhere then it is to try to conserve your ammo forever.
  9. Comically unknown to a lot of high level players: your weapon stats don’t matter in the Crucible, the same as your gear, only the cosmetic appearance carries over (i.e. attack and defense don’t party along with you). HOWEVER, Engram unlocks do work. So a low level weapon is the same as a high level weapon, however, the higher level weapon will have more unlocks. So damage and stats DO NOT carry into the crucible, any weapon you have will do the same amount of damage, but the unlocks do carry over meaning that sometimes a low level weapon could be better if it’s further unlocked than one you currently have equipped.
  10. You can change your class specialization starting at level 15. Give both specializations a go, because you never know which skills / playstyle is best suited for you.

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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