Below we have fifty two tips for new and returning plays to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. These tips are from our personal experience playing both the early access and the beta and we hope that they can give you an edge and answer some of your questions from the game.

We tried to give advice on stuff that’s not so obvious or that made us scratch our heads like what level can you ride the airship and just some general good advice. We hope you enjoy!

  • Don’t ever walk to a FATE that is too far away, it’ll be completed by the time you get there. If it isn’t completed, then odds are there won’t be enough people around for it go fast. Only run to a FATE if you know that you’ll get there in time to participate, especially around launch.
  • Upgrade your gear from vendors at lower levels. It’s totally okay and an intended mechanic. The quests will even force you to. There isn’t very much in the way of unique low level gear that isn’t directly from a quest, and even that comes later. So when you hit level 5 feel free to visit a vendor.
  • Don’t brood on your class too much; you get the ability to freely change classes later in the game.
  • Do brood on how your character looks – there isn’t a ton of reasons to make different characters in the game unless you specifically want to use different races for different classes.
  • Don’t fight enemies that are too high level for you – it’s a waste of time and you’ll be highly ineffective. FFXIV uses the standard if it’s a level or two above you then you’re going to have a hard time killing it unless you’re in a group logic.
  • Scrolllock disables to the UI so you can take a screenshot.
  • Feel free to forget about doubling back to do some quests – odds are they will reward you with the same items you’re getting from the set of quests you’re doing.
  • However, do note that a lot of quests chain into other quests, so if you’re stuck then double back and do some lower level quests to unlock additional quests in the same area.
  • First to hit gets 100% XP. However, you get XP for attacking any enemy, so never be afraid to help. Especially in FATEs!
  • Same goes for loot! Especially quest loot.
  • Forget about the original game if you played, the game is drastically different (battle system revamped, an auction house, tons and tons of quests, grinding only if you want to).
  • Speaking of grinding, feel free to do it! It’s a viable way to level if you prefer that over questing. The hunting log rewards this behavior!
  • The settings menu can really help improve the experience of the game if you’re lagging. The default for me was “Laptop High” which was good for my system. You might want to fiddle with it if the game is jumpy.
  • The “Armoury Chest” is where your equipment is at. Why? To keep gear from clogging up your bags.
  • Speaking of inventory, that neat little blue dotted panel on the bottom right is your bags and how much is in them.
  • The green dotted panel is your equipment. A white dot means that its spiritbond is at 100%.
  • Yeah you’ll be in town for the first bit; the real fun happens after all of the intro quests.
  • No you can’t skip the opening cutscene right now, but you shouldn’t have to remake your character much. Feel free to alt-tab out, it’ll run in the background.
  • Chocobo porters are cheaper than teleports, but can take much longer.
  • Avoid biting off more than you can chew. Too many enemies will spell certain doom outside of a group.
  • Feel free to rebind sprint to an easier key to use. Use it as much as you want! Remember it drains your TP though, so if you need to go into combat soon it might be a hindrance.
  • FF7 is on Steam if you want to play an offline FF game during server downtime.
  • The Aethernet lets you move quickly through towns. DO NOT forget about it!
  • Names on the Aethernet confusing ya? Zoom in on your map to see what the various areas are called.
  • You can respec attributes! It's 10,000 seals at your grand company.
  • R is run, alt-r is reply. You can change it in keybind settings.
  • As a matter of a fact you change a lot in your settings!
  • The game works with a PS3 controller, but you have to use third-party software to get it to work. I don’t personally think it’s worth it.
  • Spiritbonding is when you’re capable of turning gear into materia.
  • Materia is bonus crystals you can put into gear.
  • Completed a quest but have the “continue quest” icon on the map still? Means you have to hand in something, which “completes” the quest.
  • Strength is melee damage and block / parry amount.
  • Dexterity is block / party chance and ranged damage.
  • Vitality is health.
  • Intelligence is attack magic and Mind is healing magic.
  • Piety is maximum MP.
  • Oh, stats affect crafters too.
  • You can also change jobs later on, usually when your level 30 in one class and 15 in another.
  • Jobs are an extension of a class, they give you extra skills and specialize you. Mostly for group play.
  • Switch into a crafting class by equipping that classes weapon.  You get one when you join the guild!
  • Confused so far on the class system? Alright around level 15 you can finish a quest that will let you change your combat class by equipping a weapon for that class. You can level each class up to 1 to 50 and they have their own sets of armor / attributes / etc. You can level your crafting professions (gathering and production) by equipping the weapon for the crafting class, given by the guild when you join. You level crafting up through Guildleves and producing / gathering things.
  • You can equip skills from other classes, you gain one cross-class skill slot every 5 levels (for a total of 10). You can equip any skill you’ve learned from another class that isn’t specifically cross-class restricted. (Most high level skills are.)
  • However, a Marauder with a healing spells probably won’t be that useful, as their Mind is really low and vice-versa.
  • The game is a bit confusing on the issue, but teleport can be used anywhere.
  • Don’t forget about food. Quests throw tons at you early on and the buffs are nice.
  • The film icon beside someone’s name means they are in a cinematic.
  • Once you finish the tutorial quests (the first story mission arc sort of) you then are given the Recommendations list, which can help guide you on where to go. Until then just follow your story quests and the side quests around it.
  • Resting is only accumulated from inside sanctuaries or inn rooms. Access to inn rooms is around level 10.
  • Airships travel between major cities. You can access the airships around level 15.
  • Finally – have fun! FFXIV is designed to be a game where you can login and do whatever you feel like and progress. So log in, do what you feel like and progress through the game.
  • Oh and one last thing – the “Lodestone” is the player site for notices and the “PR site” is the site to talk you into buying the game.
  • Don’t let race stats mess you up on character creation either, all races can be good at everything.
  • Some other tips. You get your Chocobo around level 20. The quest "Buried Truth" the objects are on top of the bone structure and the other two are down the bone ramp on top of the hill.

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Last Updated: Jun 03, 2019

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