Tuesday Tip: Deconstructing Items

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Deconstructing Items: A
Beginner's Guide

style="font-style: italic;">by Dalmarus


Since the new system is in place, how do you actually go about
deconstructing an item?


To deconstruct an item, buy a stack of deconstruction kits from your
friendly General Goods Vendor, right click on the stack, then left
click on the item you wish to break down.

Unlike my other guides in the past where the actual answer is far more
involved (and perhaps even convoluted), this answer is actually that
simple. The purpose of this guide is to give everyone a little
information on the process since everything has gone to a BoE/BoP
system, for better or for worse. I imagine you could go through the
game without ever deconstructing anything, but not only will you
deprive yourself of the treasure hunting aspect, you'll
also be missing out on a reasonable source of income.

Deconstruction Kits

alt="Deconstruction Kit"
hspace="10" vspace="5">The first thing you'll need to
do is hit up your local General Goods vendor for the deconstruction
kit. They're available in stacks of ten. Since they're 10 silver per
stack, rather than the 60 copper the rift sahrds are, you'll have to
determine for yourself how many you can put in a stack. When you find
out though, be sure to send us a message about it here!

The Mystical Task of Deconning an Item

As I mentioned above, this part of the process really is easy. For this
example, I'm
going to use Alakrus's Enchanted Necklace. Note that it is an Uncommon
item, thus "blue". We'll discuss the importance of an item's
in a bit, so with that in mind, let's continue.

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alt="Alakrus's Enchanted Necklace"

To decon the necklace, simply right-click on the Decontruction Kit in
your inventory now, then left click over the item you wish to
deconstruct. A small window will appear, requiring you to choose
between decontructing the item into resources, dusts, or hit cancel.
what you'd like to receive for your efforts. Even though the window
reads as though you will receive a single item, you will quite
often receive more than one resource or dust upon completion.

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style="width: 391px; height: 120px;" alt="Decon Choices"


In the window above, I chose the Resource button. Whether you
choose Resource or Dust, the process for decontructing an item is
exactly the same, it's just a matter of which you'd prefer to receive.

So What Did We Get?

Such impatience! I know, I know - get on with it already! Ok, you win.
After all that hard work and labor (seriously... I'm sweating!), we
received the following two items:

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style="width: 313px; height: 138px;"
alt="Shimmering Orb of Pure Magic"
src=""> style="width: 314px; height: 108px;" alt="Amethyst Shard"

The Importance of Item Rarity

Remember how I said that the rarity of an item would play an important
role in what you may receive from deconstructing an item? Here's the
official word from Sony on what that means:

style="background-color: rgb(64, 188, 192); width: 100%; text-align: left; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;"
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style="vertical-align: middle; width: 600px; text-align: left;">
  • Common items should
    convert into attuning dusts or common resources

  • Uncommon items
    should convert into resonance dusts,
    common resources
    and sometimes a rare resource

  • Rare items should
    convert into focusing dusts, rare
    resources and sometimes ultra rare resources

  • Anything
    above rare follows the same rules as rare

The Rules of Engagement

There are several rules to remember when deconstructing items.

  • You are unable to decon any item that is of higher level
    than your highest sphere. In other words, if you wish to decon a level
    40 item, you
    need to be at least a level 40 adventurer, crafter, or diplomat.
  • You are unable to decon any crafted items.
  • You are unable to decon any diplomacy items (this is
    supposed to be corrected at a later date).
  • You may or may not be able to decon soulbound items,
    whether received from quests, or discovered while adventuring. At this
    time, the only way to know appears to be just giving it a try.


I hope this beginner's guide is helpful to the players. The new system
will take some getting used to by everyone and only time will tell how
successful (or not) the system is. There are a multitude of different
crystals, powders, dusts, and more that can be obtained through item
deconstruction. Speak to your favorite crafter to find out what they
need to make you that next Item
of Uberness
and I'm sure they'll give you some pointers on
what to choose when deconning to get the right components!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016