alt="Guild Wars 2 - Hall of Monuments"

First introduced with the
release of Guild Wars: Eye of
the North
August 2007, the Hall of Monuments offers players not only a means of
displaying visual representations of their in-game achievements, but
the opportunity to unlock unique titles and rewards for their
characters in href="">Guild
Wars 2
To help you maximize the points associated
with your account on the official href="">Hall
of Monuments Rewards Calculator,
we’ve put together a complete guide including plenty of
information for both GW vets as well as those players who are just
beginning their journey into Eye of the North.

To kick things off, below you
will find a basic overview of the Hall of
Monuments, how to get there and how to unlock four of the five total
monuments. If you’re simply interested in learning how to
maximize your reward points, the second page of this guide provides
brief descriptions of the types of statues that can be displayed in
each of the five monuments as well as tips on the various unlocks, from
the easiest to the hardest to achieve.

Getting to the Hall of

The Hall of Monuments is
unlocked early on in the main storyline of
Guild Wars: Eye of the North,
or GW:EN for short. Accessing the content
for the expansion itself requires that you own at least one of the
three href="">Guild

campaigns: Prophecies, Factions or Nightfall.
You’ll also need to have a level 20 character and complete
one of the following quests:

  • Prophecies

    Speak to Len Caldoron
    Lion’s Arch to obtain the quest What
    Lies Beneath

  • Factions

    Speak to Minister of
    in Kaineng Center
    to obtain the quest I
    Feel the Earth Move
    Under Cantha’s Feet

  • Nightfall

    Speak to Bendah
    in Kamadan to obtain
    the quest Hole of Istan.

Each of the above quests will
send players to a nearby location to
investigate a newly opened chasm, crevasse or fissure which has
mysteriously opened, eventually leading players to a zone called Boreal
Station. It is here that your journey to the Eye of the North, the Ebon
Vanguard’s stronghold in the Far Shiverpeaks which houses the
Hall of Monuments, begins.

Unlocking the Monuments

The Hall contains a total of
five monuments, four of which need to be
unlocked by completing the main storyline quests in GW:EN for the Ebon
Vanguard, the Norn, the Asura and finally the Dwarves. The central
Monument to Honor will be unlocked upon your arrival to the Hall, so
can immediately begin adding statues for accomplishments such as
completion of the campaigns, high ranking title tracks, or PvP related
awards. Further details on each monument will be described in more
detail below.

To unlock each monument, you
will need to obtain a Monumental

which is a reward for completing the main storyline quests for each of
the four main factions in GW:EN. Once the tapestry is obtained, you can
use it to unlock the monuments in any order you prefer.

It should be noted, however,
that you can only add new displays when
the Hall is set to be viewed for individual characters. To view your
Hall on an account-wide basis, speak to Kimmes
the Historian
, an NPC
located directly inside the entrance to the Hall. For those of you
aiming to maximize the points earned towards unlocking rewards for your
Guild Wars 2 characters, you’ll likely find yourself
switching between the two display modes on a regular basis.

alt="Guild Wars 2 - Hall of Monuments"

Below you will find brief
descriptions for
each of the five monuments
found within the Hall, followed by listings of some of the easiest
statues to obtain as well as tips for maximizing your reward points
for a given monument. Since the Hall tracks things on an account level
across each of the three campaigns and the expansion, it’s
entirely possible to gain all of your points on a single character or
across multiple characters depending
on how you’ve chosen to
play through the available content in Guild


of Honor

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alt="Monument of Honor"
style="border: 0px solid ; width: 200px;">

- This monument displays statues for
your titles and larger
in-game accomplishments such as completion of a campaign. Since you do
not need to unlock this monument, you can begin adding things to the
display immediately upon arrival at the Hall.

Possible Reward Points

– 18

of Statues Needed for Full Reward Points

- 40

– High

and General Information:

  • All players are
    granted an immediate 3 points for having GW:EN and the HoM
    linked to their game account which they intend to use for Guild
    Wars 2
    This is a nice boost to get you started, and if you do nothing else it
    will still net your GW2 characters 3 pieces of the Heritage Armor set.

  • Honor gets a High difficulty
    ranking, as the majority of display items
    are associated with earning titles or completing full campaigns or
    special content areas in the game, most of which take a fair amount of
    time and commitment to obtain.

  • Your best bet with Honor is
    to aim for achieving a Full Display, which
    is a total of 5 statues. If you own all three campaigns this is made
    much easier, as completion of the campaign will net you the Eternal
    Hero display linked to each.

  • Completion of even a single
    campaign will grant you 2 Reward Points.
    The easiest and quickest campaign to complete of the three is Factions,
    as it has far less overall missions than both Prophecies and Nightfall.

  • If you own Prophecies, you
    may want to consider completing the full
    Sorrow’s Furnace quest chain, which grants the Eternal
    Conqueror of Sorrow’s Furnace display, and is perhaps the
    easiest from the full list to achieve.

  • Completion of the quest
    lines in the elite areas such as the Fissure of
    Woe, the Underworld, the Deep, Urgoz’s Warren and the Domain
    of Anguish are also much easier to achieve than most of the main title

  • There are far more options
    for PvE title tracks than in PvP, though you
    shouldn’t overlook PvP entirely as a single PvP statue added
    to the monument to honor will net you a full 3 Reward Points. Most
    people will find it easiest to complete the Gladiator title since it is
    obtained through the Random Arenas.


of Devotion

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alt="Monument of Devotion"
style="border: 0px solid ; width: 200px;">

– This monument
is where you
‘dedicate’ the miniatures that you’ve
obtained. Please note: miniatures remain tradable between players only
until they have been dedicated in a Hall. Also, you must dedicate the
miniature to gain credit, so simply having them in your inventory does
not count.

Possible Reward Points

– 8

Statues Needed for Full Reward Points

– 50


Moderate to High, depending on the age
of your Guild Wars
account and the number of characters
you’ve created and kept over a longer period.

and General Information:

  • The Monument of Devotion is
    deceptively simple as it is based on
    “devoting” any miniatures you’ve
    on your account. With rare exception though, miniatures are primarily
    obtained as birthday presents given to your characters each year on the
    anniversary date of their creation.

  • Any 1 statue will grant you
    the first Reward Point, so even a common
    (white name) miniature can give you a point here, so it’s
    worth asking your in-game friends if they have duplicates they would be
    willing to part with.

  • You can also gain a Reward
    Point for completing the quest chain for the
    Black Moa Chick miniature and devoting it in your Hall, though it
    should be noted that the quest
    requires you to own all three campaigns plus the expansion to complete.
    However, since obtaining unique (green name) miniatures as birthday
    gifts is a matter of luck, this is one method you can be sure will net
    you a rare statue.

  • You’ll also want
    to consider finding and completing the
    weekly turn-ins for Nicholas the Traveler, as his potential rewards
    also include rare and unique miniatures.


of Fellowship

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alt="Monument of Fellowship"
style="border: 0px solid ; width: 200px;">

– This monument is where you display status for any
of your Heroes that you’ve obtained Hero Armor for,
as well
as statues for a few of the rare Ranger pets.

Possible Reward Points

– 8

Statues Needed for Full Reward Points

– 30

– Easy to Moderate

and General Information:

  • Your best bet with
    Fellowship is to aim for achieving a Full Display
    which involves obtaining 5 statues and will grant you 5 of the 8
    possible Reward Points.

  • The easiest Hero Armors to
    obtain are found somewhat early in the
    Nightfall campaign, via the Dajkah Inlet Challenge mission. Stolen
    Sunspear Armor has a chance to be placed directly in the
    player’s inventory each time a Corsair Guild Lord is
    defeated, which can then be used to change the armor of up to 5 of your
    Nightfall-specific heroes into the Elite Sunspear version. With a
    little persistence this can net you the Full Display fairly easily.

  • Charming the Black Moa as a
    Ranger pet in Factions is another fairly
    simple means of acquiring a statue for this monument, so long as
    you’ve played through the campaign far enough to reach
    Echovald Forest. The quest for the Black Moa Chick unique miniature
    sends you to the nearby
    Mourning Veil Falls, so you can do both at the
    same time.

  • Another statue you can
    obtain through charming
    a rare Ranger pet that is worth aiming for is the Phoenix. The Phoenix
    can only be found at the end of the Divine Path, which is an area you
    can only visit upon completing the final mission in Factions. So not
    only can you gain a statue for the Phoenix and one for your Honor
    display for completion of the campaign, but you'll also gain access to
    the Elite armor vendors from Factions in the same location. Doing all
    three in one pass is a great way to maximize your reward points for the
    time investment.


alt="Guild Wars 2 - Hall of Monuments"

of Resilience

style="margin: 2px; width: 210px; float: right;">

alt="Monument of Resilience"
style="border: 0px solid ; width: 200px;">

– This monument
is where you can display statues for
any of the complete Elite armor sets you’ve obtained for your
characters. Please note that since rewards are tracked on an account
level, purchasing an elite armor set
only counts as a single statue,
even if you've purchased the same one for multiple characters.

Possible Reward Points

– 8

Statues Needed for Full Reward Points

– 7

– Moderate to Hard

and General Information:

  • As with most monument
    statues, the Elite armor displays come down to a
    matter of persistence. The biggest difference here though, is that it
    will take a lot of platinum and access to multiple campaigns to gain
    the full 8 possible Reward Points.

  • The easiest Elite armors to
    obtain are listed below:

    • Prophecies
      – Morhan’s Grotto and Granite Citadel
      have both Elite and Exclusive armor versions available. Both zones
      require a bit of work to get to, but once unlocked it becomes a simple
      matter of obtaining enough money and materials to purchase them.

    • Factions
      – Elite Kurzick and Luxon armors can be purchased
      about 2/3 of the way through the campaign similar to the Prophecies
      armors. However, don't overlook the elite armors available in the
      Divine Path upon completion of the campaign if you're also looking to
      charm the rare Phoenix or obtain the statue for completion of Factions.

    • Nightfall
      – By far the easiest to obtain, the Elite Sunspear
      Armor can be unlocked to purchase early on in the campaign in the
      Command Post.

    • GW:EN
      – Focus on earning faction with a single group to
      start, and it won’t take you all that long to reach the Rank
      5 title to unlock the vendor selling its elite armor set.

  • A last note on armors: You
    are not required to purchase the head slot
    item to get credit for owning the full elite armor set. Keep this in
    mind as it can save you a lot of coin and materials if you’re
    attempting to obtain multiple sets on your account.


of Valor

style="margin: 2px; width: 210px; float: right;">

alt="Monument of Valor"
style="border: 0px solid ; width: 200px;">

– This
is where you can display the rare
weapons you’ve purchased. Please note: unique (green name)
weapons dropped by bosses cannot be added to this display.

Possible Reward Points

– 8

Weapons Needed for Full Reward Points

– 15

– Moderate

and General Information:

  • There are three types of
    weapons that can be displayed here as
    described below:

    • Destroyer
      – These
      can only be purchased after
      completion of the storyline in GW:EN, but are generally the easiest to
      obtain, and can grant you up to 11 of the total 15 weapon statues
      needed for the full 8 Valor points.

    • Tormented

      Available in the Domain of Anguish late
      in the Nightfall campaign, tormented weapons are perhaps the most
      difficult to obtain. That said, if you’re attempting to
      achieve the Eternal Conqueror of the Domain of Anguish title for the
      Monument of Honor, you will no doubt be able to obtain at least a few
      of these along the way.

    • Oppressor’s

      Exclusive to the War in Kryta
      content in the Prophecies campaign, oppressor’s weapons will
      also require a bit of work to obtain, but so long as you’ve
      completed the War in Kryta storyline it doesn’t take long to
      gain the 10 Medals of Honor used to exchange for these weapons.

  • While not as expensive as
    the elite armors, purchasing weapons will still require a number of
    rare materials to produce. If you're aiming for the Destroyer weapons,
    since you'll already be at the entrance to the Slavers' Exile dungeons
    to purchase them it's not a bad idea to run through each of the
    dungeons there. Not only do the boss chests contain some of the rare
    mateirals needed, but
    defeating Duncan the Black will also net you a Deldrimor Armor Remnant
    that can be exchanged for hero armor for one of your GW:EN heroes.


See something we missed or have
your own tips to share with other players to help maximize their
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