The Lavastorm zone in EverQuest II might be familiar in a train wreck sort of way but no longer! SOE's revamp not only tightened up the content for the zones original intended victims but added some end game quests and instances. Ten Ton Hammer stepped into the burning ring of fire and have highlighted what this zone can now offer you. Want to know how to start the access quest for the two group raid zone or what type of faction items are available? All your answers are inside.

The fiery peaks of EverQuest II’s Lavastorm zone have claimed the life of many unfortunate adventurers. Rivers of lava flow freely and hundreds of hostile goblins and lizards inhabit this desolate place. SOE has recently decided to revamp this area making it friendlier while maintaining an intimidating allure. Ten Ton Hammer put on its asbetsos-ware and trudged into this new content. What is there to do and how does it affect you the game? Let's take a look shall we?

Everything you need to know for getting started in Lavastorm is right here in our A Guide to EverQuest II's Revamped Lavastorm.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016