Until recently, EverQuest II mounts were available mostly to the mid level and high level few who either had plenty of in game coin, extra station cash, or Legends of Norrath loot packs that offered high quality mounts. With new players coming in to check out the new EQ2 Extended server, it was time to uncover the secret of new player mounts that you can score for the low, low price of nothing!

Each starting city (New Halas, Kelethin, Gorowyn, and Neriak) has a quest series that awards one of these sought after horse mounts. For a little extra effort, you can have your very own!

Higher level characters can generally also run these quests to obtain the mounts as long as they haven't already completed the quests required. It is possible to get the mounts from each of the cities or pick one up from a city other than your own starting city, it just takes a bit of travel!

Take a look at the new player mounts and find out how you can get yours for your low level (or higher level) character in our New Player Mount Guide.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016