Towards a Definitive Guide for the Troubador Class Progression

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 - Credits / The Basics
Chapter 2 - Quests

Chapter 3 - Songs, Spells, and Abilities (Spell List)

Chapter 4 - Methods and Techniques

Chapter 5 - Weapons Configurations (1H vs. DW)

Chapter 6 - Where to Hunt (Solo)

Are you interested in a truly unique calling? A calling heavily involved with working in a group? Do you wish to weave songs which comfort and strengthen your allies and are (especially) effective against spellcasting mobs?

If the answer is yes then the Troubador class is for you!

Designed and updated to smooth the bard's and troubador's journey, this guide is a living compendium of knowledge gleaned from a variety of sources, most notably contributors to the eq2players forums and forum contributors at .

Share what you know for everyone to enjoy! I'll make sure you get the credit. Email me directly or post in the TTH Troubador forums!

Note: I’ve written this guide for beginners, defining common game terms as I go along. My experience on the Oggok/Blackburrow server is that EQ2 has attracted many new gamers to the genre, and a hearty welcome to you! I hope more advanced players will be patient with these infrequent explanations. Good hunting and scouting!

All the Chapters to this guide are hyperlinked at the top of all Chapter pages, and the bottom of the lengthy ones, as well. Click through on the Chapter link you need to find out more about the Troubador class.

Latest Updates (05/19/06):

  • Updated Spell list and progression.

  • Removed old, defunct content

Current To-Do List:
  • More high level content!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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