There are multiple ways to get around in ArcheAge, both land and sea, and even some in the air. Which way you choose to get to your destination of choice will inevitably change your travel time, for better or worse. There are so many ways to travel, it’s rather confusing, so let’s start off with the public transportation that are automatically traveled by carriages and airships.

Carriages and Airships

These act as the same kind of transport, they move from one location to another, the major difference is that airships are more dangerous but much faster. Airships launch from airship towers in major cities and locations, and you can take fall damage if you drop off of one (or can use your glider to fly down anywhere on route). Carriages move between carriage stations, which are marked with a sign and telescope, which allows you to see how far off a carriage is. I find carriages to be rather slow, but easy transportation.


The ultimate form of travel, worldgates are instant and allow you to travel to any town that you’ve visited the Memory Tome at. You can use the recall ability to spend a Hereafter Stone to travel to the location. A portal is opened in front of you and you can hop in it (along with anyone near you) to your destination, which is listed above the gate. The cost depends on location:

  • Hereafter Stone - Same continent.
  • Refined Hereafter Stone - Different continent.
  • Memory Ink - Used to remember house locations.

That last one is a reagent used to remember the location of a house and is sold by general merchants.


When you first start off the game is going to throw a mount your way, there is tons of different mounts in the game, but they all work the same. You raise them from a baby mount, then go and ride them throughout the world. Some mounts are two-seater, a second person with a trade pack can ride in the second seat, making carrying trade packs a lot easier in a two man team.

Mounts gain XP and have a health bar. Enemy players can attack your mount to disable it to block your escape. Once injured, you lose 30% of its speed, and have to take it to a stablemaster to get it healed or use recovery potions.


Gliders act as gliders, similar to the ones in Firefall, but they’re equipment that goes on your back slot. You can’t carry any packs while having a glider equipped. They’re best used from going from a high mountain area down to the ground or from jumping off an airship.


Boats are covered in this guide, but ultimately what they are is a way to either get to another continent, piracy, fishing, or trading. You get a rowboat for free, but after that you have to build your own boat depending on what you want to do - explore, fish, trade, or battle. There isn’t enough space here to discuss everything about boats, so be sure to check out that guide.

Piracy is a big thing in ArcheAge, if you plan on going out on the seas, be prepared to be attacked at any given time.


Vehicles can be crafted and they come in a ton of flavors, from farm vehicles that let you water your crops, to cars that you can drive around and can carry packs in. They are a great mount replacement. 

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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