Crafting is the bread and butter of ArcheAge and if you’re not down with the idea of crafting then, really, ArcheAge is going to lose a lot of its luster. That isn’t to say the combat and PvP isn’t excellent, but the real beauty of this sandbox is the ability to create really cool stuff with other people and put it into action in the world - from planting plants to building ships.

The system is so in-depth that this guide would be far too long to incorporate all of the systems, mechanics, and processes involved in crafting. Instead, this is going to be the foundation - purely what crafting is, the professions, and how the leveling system works. Once you understand that, the crafting system and what you’re going to want to do makes a bit more sense.

The Crafting Basics

There are 21 crafting professions in ArcheAge and all of them are unlocked for you. There is a catch though - you can only level 5 of them past the first tier of crafting. From there, you can only level 4 to the next tier, then three for the next tier, and finally only two can make it to the very last tier.

So let’s look at leveling - there is a maximum of 50,000 points that a profession can have. You gain points by doing things related to that profession, like crafting or gathering. Each tier is 10,000 points. When you reach that level, you’ll need to spend a specialization point to increase it past that limit.

It’s also important to understand Labor Points. Which we will go into next.

Labor Points

Non-premium players gain 1 point every 5 minutes (a maximum of 288 points restored in a 24hr period) they’re logged in. Premium players gain 10 labor every 5 minutes (up to 1440 points will be restored in a 24hr period), even if they’re logged in or not. If you own a house, you can sleep, which will increase the rate of recovery. You gain 5 labor every 5 minutes as a Patron when offline.

Your LP is vital and can be sold to others as a resource, used yourself, or if you run out you can ask for assistance on your craft and someone can spend their crafting points on you.

The amount of LP spent on a task depends on on what the task is, if it’s picking a plant or building a large castle.

Specializing will reduce the labor cost for the tasks, but enable you to build / use bigger things, which will have a higher cost.

Leveling Professions

To level a profession, you need to reach 10,000 points. At which point an up arrow will appear and you can level it up. There is a limit on how many you can level up, as previously mentioned. 5 first tier, 4 second tier, 3 third tier, and finally 2 at the master tier. You need to take this into consideration as you’re planning on what you specifically want to do. All professions have a use - that’s critical to understand.

The more you level a profession, the faster you get at crafting / gathering and the less LP you use.

Additional Guides

Different Professions

Here’s a quick run down on what the professions are and what they craft.

  • Alchemy: Potions, lunastones (to enhance gear), materials for other crafts, and dyes.
  • Carpentry: Wood furniture and wooden weapons like bows.
  • Commerce: Trade packs and Auctioning.
  • Composition: Sheet music.
  • Construction: Doesn’t produce anything, gained by completing construction steps.
  • Cooking: Food.
  • Farming: Planting and harvesting specifically fruits, vegetables, and grains.
  • Fishing: For catching fish.
  • Gathering: Planting and harvesting specifically herbs and plants that aren’t part of Farming.
  • Handicrafts: Jewelry, tools for fishing, instruments, and house decorations.
  • Husbandry: Animal care.
  • Larceny: Increased as you steal crops and livestock from players of your faction.
  • Leatherworking: Leather armor and pelts.
  • Logging: Chopping down trees.
  • Machining: Vehicles, ships, and gliders.
  • Masonry: Stonecraft
  • Metalwork: Plate armor and turning ores into ingots.
  • Mining: Gathering metal.
  • Printing: Creating paper and books.
  • Tailoring: Cloth armor and fabric.
  • Weaponry: Metal weapons.

Well that’s the basics to the crafting system! Get out there and have fun.

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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