ArcheAge is about to receive its first major content update, Conquest of Auroria, which is the precursor to the 1.7KR update. You may be wondering just what is coming. Well, the exciting thing is that none of the updates are technically new to the community, as they have been in the foreign version of ArcheAge for the longest time now, but the good news is that we're getting our hands on them. 

This IS NOT Patch 1.7, but instead is some content that Trion is wanting to rush out the door for players to enjoy, because while it's not a lot, it does contain some quality of life stuff (ahem Farm Wagons / more land) that players really could use right now. 

I've done some research and here are what the updates are and why you should get excited for them (or not). The update is supposed to hit servers November 4th. 

Farm Wagon 

The Farm Wagon is finally coming to ArcheAge and this is what is really going to help the playerbase and the economy. The Farm Wagon has double the capacity over the cart and carries four trade packs. I'm not sure on further specifics, but you can't do much now other than farm thunderstruck trees and the such. 

It hasn't been in the game yet since you need Firelogs which come from the island of Auroria which will be in this patch. 

You can get started on it now though, farming up the general materials to make one, aka getting a Thunderstruck Tree which is going to be the hardest part. DO NOT BUY any of the Auroria materials on day one off the AH!!! WAIT IT OUT!!! Seriously, you'll save a TON of money doing that. 

In the mean time, a farm cart will have to do.

Steamfish Submarine 

Like the Farm Wagon, we will finally get the Submarine which will make underwater exploration a bit easier-ish. Players report that in the foreign version of the game that it has been nerfed into the ground and that there really isn't a ton to do underwater, so the submarine acts more as a novelty. However, you can carry a trade pack while riding it, which means you can carry a single pack underwater with no one really messing with you without worry, so that's one benefit. 

This update will be delayed a bit as they're trying to not give us the nerfed version, but instead get us something a bit more fun, so Trion is waiting on XLGames, I believe to make this update happen. For now Swim Fins will have to do.


A 10-player dungeon, with end-game armor sets in it. Which is great. Something to do, something to raid. I do believe it was in the beta, so it should be good to see it return. 


There is four zones (all Temperate & Arid(2x)/Artic(2x)) for you to explore, build houses on, etc. It's another landmass for players to expand out on and farm materials on. 

What's Not Coming Yet 

Most patch 1.7 things (Diamond Shores / high tier weapon sets/ etc.) won't be coming in this patch. Just most of the stuff above, plus random fixes to stop hackers and stuff. 

BEWARE OF 1.7 TRANSLATIONS in the mean time!!! FOR REALZ WITH A ZED OR A ZEE YOUR CHOICE BUT IT SHOULD SOUND LIKE AN S. The thing here is that they're all kind of iffy and we don't know what the western changes will be and the such, so don't freak out over Witchcraft nerfs or stuff like that. 

Unless it comes from Trion, it probably won't be added to the game.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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