Welcome (finally!) to the Anashti Sul Deity Quest Guide!  While
technically this god returned to Norrath with the Shadow Odyssey expansion, she
needed to be unlocked for each server, which took a bit of time.  She has
now been unlocked on my own server, Kithicor, so I had the pleasure of running
through these quests and have added all the needed info for our readers.

Not sure if Anashti Sul is the deity for you?  Check out our
Deity Guide
for a solid overview of each god, what they can do for you, and what classes
they are well suited for. You may also view the miracles and blessings Anashti Sul has to offer by looking over our Anashti Sul Miracles Guide.   If you have decided that you shall answer the
call of Anashti Sul then speak with her prophet, Plumetor, found on the docks of Sinking
Sands.  She will tell you a little bit of history, allow you to accept
Anashti Sul as your chosen god, and give you your first quest to earn your
initial altar.  Each quest you do will gain you more favor with your god
and earn you more rewards that will assist you in battle.

If you are at level cap, chances are you can breeze through all of these
quests except for the last one. Keep in mind though that these quests are meant
to grow with you as your character grows so start them as soon as you meet the
minimum level requirements so you can get the perks of having a deity before you
hit level cap.

*The Shadow Odyssey expansion is required
for this deity.

Quest Table of Contents:

Gathering Feathers

Minimum Level: 25

Your first mission is to gather knowledge about Anashti Sul
and her time upon Norrath.  You'll be searching for books and followers
that can tell you more about why she left.  Start by locating each of the
following books and scrolls:

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Your connection to Anashti Sul.

  • Book detailing past followers - North Freeport Mage Tower (loc 11, -7, -135)
    on the table in front of NPC Tullia Sulla.
  • Book describing her influence - Gorowyn Grand Athenaeum (loc 2660, 69, 1357)
    scroll near Researcher Hlawen.
  • Book on the fate of Anashti Sul - Neriak K'Lorn Library (loc -708, 32, 228)
    middle bookcase on the top shelf.

Search for the Fellowship of the Peacock members that likely fled:

  • Look in Butcherblock Mountains - Speak to Almar Shi'iz (loc 716, 24, 605) found
    right on the Butcherblock docks.
  • Look in Thundermist Village (Thundering Steppes) - Speak to Allelia Halkreeb
    (loc 593, 1, -151). She's inside the northwestern house.
  • Look in Antonica outside Qeynos - Speak to Curys Kasin (loc 342, -19, 352) found
    just outside the bridge to South Qeynos.

Now you must release the messengers who have passed on from their graves that
are found all over Antonica. These are gravestones and mounds of dirt on the ground. Click the
mound of dirt then talk to the everliving NPC that spawns. A small group of solo mobs will attack you
and you'll have to kill them in order to get the update.

  • Grave 1 - loc -646, 12, 19 North of Sayre's Cabin
  • Grave 2 - loc -1289, -15, 71 Beneath Tower of Vhalen
  • Grave 3 - loc -1793, 9, 289 Gnollslayer Highlands
  • Grave 4 - loc -957, -7, 419 East of Archer's Pond

The Unwelcome Regents

Minimum Level: 35

This quest is heroic and may require a group to complete.

Travel to the Enchanted Lands to complete these tasks:

  • Gather 12 Karana's begonias. These are located around the Enchanted Lands,
    mostly around the stumps of trees.
  • Fill the thin glass vial from your inventory by right clicking on it when at
    this location. (loc -188, -5, -255) the beginning of Lazy Drain near the bridge
    to Rivervale.
  • Kill corrupted halflings. These guys are in the Seamist Plains in EL (loc 475,
    3, -472) and come in the solo and heroic varieties.

Now you will need to use the adorned silver vial from your inventory. You're now
told that you need to travel to Antonica and find the Tomb of the Seeress. The
Tomb is located under the water system arches north of the North Qeynos gates. 
Enter the Tomb. There are several 31 and 32 double down arrow soloable mobs in
your path. Walk straight ahead from the door and down the stairs to find Seeress
Ealaynya Ithis and speak with her.

Travel to Thundering Steppes and the Ruins of Varsoon. Here you will be
gathering scrolls. If you are under level 40ish you may want to take friends as
this is a heroic zone.

  • There are two sets of scrolls on the 1st level on the first platform at (loc
    -152, 6, 42).
  • 3rd scroll is located at the alchemist table platform on the 2nd map at (loc -60,
    4, 5).
  • 4th scroll is located on the 2nd map in the first preserver room at loc (20, 0, 8).
  • 5th scroll is located in the little servant's room at loc (72, 0, 37).
  • 6th scroll is in the room with the servant of Varsoon at loc (65, 0, 96).

Back to Thundering Steppes! Here, you will be looking for dirt. It sounds vague,
but you simply cannot miss these items. They are mounds of
dirt spilling big green mists of fog and I found most of mine just outside of
Ruins of Varsoon.

Now you need to check out some rumors of questionable testing on orcs so head off to Zek,
The Orcish Wastes and slay orcs (any old orc will do)
to gather samples of their blood. You need 8 samples but will likely have to
kill more than 8 orcs as you do not get an update
for every kill.

Return to Plumetor to complete the quest.

Sounding the Clarion

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Your deity rewards you well!

Minimum Level: 50

This quest is heroic and may require a group to complete.

You are first asked to speak with the Sul'Dal elves found on the beach
outcropping in Sinking Sands. This is a peninsula located north of the docks
and here you will talk with Celistae d'Galdis (loc -1326, -187, -1132). She
will ask you to locate disembodied spirits around Sinking Sands. These are
all over, look like floating orbs of light, and seem to hang around rocks and
other structures in that area. The bodies that you are leading them to look
like white glowing mounds on the ground. You need to get the spirit to float
just above the mound and wait a second for the quest to update.

Now you are off to the Obelisk of Lost Souls to kill shadowed men for their
rift essence and collect reality anchors. The anchors are found all around
the inside the Obelisk, specifically at these locations:

  • -24, 622, 136
  • 30, 618, 202
  • 18, 616, 298
  • 147, 632, 374
  • 48, 624, 402
  • 4, 610, 444

What is Rightfully Hers

Minimum Level: 65

This quest is heroic and may require a group to complete.

Your first duty is to fill the vial Plumetor gave you which is found in your
inventory. Make your way to the Living Tombs in Sinking Sands. Inside you'll
want to get to the climbable wall on the north end of the zone, climb up, and then
jump down into the Pool of Immortality (loc -633, 2, 149) and use the vial.

Next, travel to Neriak (you can hop the carpet from SS dock to Darklight Wood)
and speak with Sharnar D'Zauer (loc -159, 3, 247) over by the bank. The
safehouse you'll be looking for is right below Sharnar. Click on the purple and
white banner and enter the Worshop of the Dark Bargainers. The house has level
65 solo and heroic mobs in each room but the heroics can all be avoided if you
watch your aggro range. You'll first be heading upstairs to your right upon
entering the instance. In this room there will be an orb you need to activate in
order to get into the basement where the Ewer is located. The Ewer is giant so
you can't miss it! It disappears and you need to return to Plumetor.

Return of the Forgotten Goddess

Minimum Level: 70

This is a heroic quest and nearly all players will require a group to complete.

This is predictably the most difficult quest in the series and while most of it
is running around if you're a level 80, you'll still want to bring along a
friend for the final battle.  The steps leading up to the last fight are
soloable but still time consuming as you may be traveling into zones that you
haven't been to previously. 

Starting out, you'll be traveling into the Forsaken City, which is found in
Mystic Lake at the Isle of Mara. You have to go underwater to get to this zone
so you'll either need a water breathing spell or item (I have my handy Fishbone
Earring!) to even get there. Once inside Forsaken City go straight down and
take the left path to the Plunderer Base Camp. You'll spot a bookshelf (loc 52,
-50, -27) alongside the staircase which is what you need.

Now travel to Castle Mistmoore in the Loping Plains for 12 vampire blood. The
vampires found just inside the door work just fine and are soloable at level 70+
as long as you are careful not to aggro too many!

Go back to Loping Plains and collect 12 ghoul blood. You can find plenty over by
the ruined spires at loc 76, 40, -286.

Now you'll need to return to Silent City via the Anuk Bay entrance (loc -942,
-229, -1040) and choose the Empowered Fountain of Life instance. Summon Anashti
Sul by clicking the pool of water in the center of the room. Speak with her and
accept the decanter to progress your quest.

Find the Followers of Nife in Antonica to receive Anashti Sul's gift.  To
give them their gift target them and use the decanter from your inventory or hot
key then speak with them to progress the quest.

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Finally!  Success!

  • Along the Qeynos Highway just beyond the towers - Murgen Stillwhil (loc -503,
    -14, 152)
  • Studying the Claymore - Liyah Relltis (loc -492, 0, 559)
  • Overlooking the Docks - Gerehmie Lasherig (loc 372, -11, 809)
  • Preaching to the Farmers at the tents between North and South Qeynos gates -
    Jeizin Faelurn (loc 138, -16, 206)
  • Spreading the word to travelers behind Sayre's Cabin - Curlose Mulerin (loc
    -740, -16, 239)

Once you spoken and turned all of the Followers of Nife you now need to sneak
into Qeynos' Temple of Life. Carefully
enter through the North Qeynos gates being careful to dodge the epic guards.
Stop just outside the Temple of Life
and speak with Plumetor (loc 477, -20, -217) then head inside the Temple via the
portal. Just inside you will see a very
small statue on the floor next to the center well. Right click to disrupt and to
start the final battle with a group of level 75 ^^ heroics.
Kill them and go back to speak with Plumetor just outside the Temple then return
to Sinking Sands and speak with her again
to complete the quest and the series.

Congratulations, you are now a devoted follower of Anashti Sul and have unlocked
all the blessings and miracles for this deity. All you need to do now is
maintain favor via offerings and you may switch out abilities as desired!

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016