One of the best parts of APB, the new urban shooter MMOG from Realtime Worlds, is the vast amount of customization possibilities in the way characters look and dress, and the cars they drive. The crown jewel at the heart of this robust, multilayered customization system is the Symbol Designer, a surprisingly powerful in-game utility for creating logos and custom symbols. Art created in the symbol designer can then be used for tattoos, vehicle decals, and even graffiti.

Mattlow presents a tutorial on how to use this robust in game tool.

It is, perhaps, important to understand what the Symbol Designer isn't, before we start in on what it is. It isn't a paint program. You cannot place your mouse to the canvas and simply make a mark. It is akin to a vastly simplified version of a vector graphics utility like Adobe Illustrator. You have an assortment of pre-made shapes available to you. These shapes you can place anywhere on the canvas you wish, scale them, rotate them, and even stretch and distort them, but any image can only be constructed of these basic shapes.

You can read the tutorial Here!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016