Toland’s Legacy is an Exotic Bounty quest you will receive in Destiny is one of the possible Exotic Bounty Quests you can receive after completing a certain amount of regular bounties over a short period of time. The bounty’s reward is the powerful pulse Rifle Bad Juju, which is equipped with a ton of useful perks such as “String of Curses” which reloads your weapon instantly after each kill, perfect for the Crucible and PvE content.

To get your hands on the gun you’ll first have to complete the six different steps in the bounty that range from the incredibly easy (bring the weapon to the gunsmith) to the time consuming (complete 25 strikes). In terms of difficulty, this bounty is nowhere near as bad as the bounty for Thorn, but instead requires a little more time invested to complete the 25 strikes and multiple crucible matches you will need to fulfill it.

Toland’s Legacy

Step 1: Complete a Weekly Heroic or Nightfall Strike

Pretty straight forward, complete one heroic or nightfall strike to advance in the quest. Grab some friends to get it done with ease, or head over to to form a quick Pub. When you’ve completed the task, you will receive Toland’s Journal [Fragmented], return it to Ikora Ray in the vanguard room of the tower to move on to the next step.

Step 2: Complete 25 Strikes

For players who spend most of their time in the Crucible, this one will hurt but there’s no way around it. For the fastest road to completion your best bet is to use the strike playlists, which will automatically keep you matched up and the strikes coming.

If you’re not worried about the gear/ items you’ll be getting from the strikes, consider jumping down to a lower playlist. There is no rule saying you have to complete a strike near your light level, and the level gap between you and your enemies will make the goings easier and faster.

After completing the strikes you will receive an Encrypted version of the journal that you must bring to Ikora Ray for decryption.

Step 3: Bring the Journal to the Gunsmith

Nothing complicated here. Take the decrypted journal to the gunsmith who will give you a Black Market Coupon in exchange.

Step 4: Exchange the Coupon for a Darkness Infused Weapon Frame from Xur

As you probably already know, Xur only shows up on the weekends (Friday to Sunday), so depending on when you completed the last step, you may be waiting a while to exchange the coupon.

When he does show up he will have a special item for you in is store that can be purchased with the Black Market Coupon and 1 Strange Coin. Strange Coins can be acquired via weekly heroic strikes and randomly in the Crucible.

Step 5: Deliver the Weapon Frame to The Gunsmith

Once you deliver the weapon frame to the gunsmith he can make you the Darkness Infused Pulse Rifle. This rifle will eventually transform into the Bad Juju after you complete the next step and turn it in.

Step 6: Earn 10,000 points in the Crucible

To obtain the Sated Pulse Rifle you’ve got to get some kills in the Crucible. You don’t have to make the kills with the Darkness Infused Pulse Rifle; you just have to have it in your inventory.

You need 10,000 points total to satiate it’s appetite, with kills and assists of Titans/ Hunters giving you 25 points each, and kills/assists of Warlocks giving 75 points (because of their dark energies).

To get more points faster, stick to large team games such as Control and Clash to maximize the amount of assist points you get.

Step 7: Return the Weapon to the Gunsmith

The Pulse Rifle is Sated; now all you’ve got to do is return it to the Gunsmith. He will work his magic on it and present you with your very own Bad Juju Pulse Rifle, enjoy!

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016

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