Battleground Zone Description

This generously sized battleground sets up a fast-paced
“capture the flag” game for 12 versus 12 players.  Each team, one red and one
blue, starts out within fortresses on either side of the zone. Also contained
within each fortress is a flag.

In order to win the game, you need to cross the zone to the
other team’s fortress, take that flag, and then bring it back to your team’s
fortress without dropping it. Each time this object is completed, your team
gains points. Capture and return the flag three times while the flag in your
fortress is in place to win the game and the three tokens. Losing players only
get one token so playing to win should always be the goal!

Game Strategy

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Battle it out for victory!

While this is a PvP game, killing players is more of a side
effect of the true goal. Gaining points from killing other players will not win
you the game. Your primary objective is to get the flag from the opposing
fortress back to your fortress with the flag in your camp still in place which
means splitting up your team and taking on a dual role of defense and offense.

Getting the Flag

Part of your team will want to be making a beeline for the
opposite fortress and your team’s flag immediately when the game starts. At this
point you don’t even need to stop to attack the other team, the only players you
should be concerned with are those who are immediately between you and your

Your team should have a couple of players decked out and
ready to carry the flag, then a group of players acting as defense. Think
football here; you want the big guys to be paving the way for the small and
swift quarterback. Players who can root and stun are valuable in this game so
when someone on the team has the flag, these classes should be spamming their
roots and knocking around any opponent who gets close to the flag runner.

While other players will be responsible for keeping the
flag runner’s path clear, the flag runner needs to have their own strategy.  Two
factors will help determine your success when carrying the flag: run speed and
defense. Being able to outrun your opponents will aid quite a bit in getting
across the battlefield. Whatever tools you have, gear, buffs, totems, potions,
etc you will want to have on hand and use during this battleground game.

Defense is also very important. Getting the flag is far
easier than holding onto it and keeping it in hand is easier when you can
withstand the beating you’re going to take. This is when good gear and a variety
of good potions will come in handy. You can’t depend on team buffs since you
never really know who will be on your team, so take matters into your own hands
and keep a hotbar stocked with potions. If you are a class that has defensive
abilities such as shields or wards, use them liberally.

Occasionally you may find yourself in a position with an
opposing team that just won’t let you get very far. What’s the best tactic
against a well formed team? It seems that a lot of players have taken to
“hiding” the flag rather than capturing it. Players accomplish this by using
glide abilities or gnomish stilts to jump to hard to reach locations. The idea
is, they can hold onto a flag through the game keeping the other team from ever
getting points for returning their own. I have yet to see this ruled as an
exploit, and it probably won’t be given that any player can accomplish the same
goal with the appropriate tools, but you can fight against it. Utilize ranged
casters to take out a perched player or grab gnomish stilts and go after the
offending player yourself!

That interesting tactic aside, it is a good idea that if
you can’t get through, you continue to keep the flag moving anyway. You do not
want it in place if the other team brings a captured flag back.

Defending the Flag

Capturing the flag isn’t your team’s only task. You also
need to make sure that you are protecting the flag in your own fortress from the
other team. A small portion of the team should stay within the fortress to take
on the defensive position. These players should generally include a fighter
class, a healer, and some DPS that can help keep the small team alive. The
players will be taking on the opposing team as they come to try and capture the
flag so a couple should be positioned at the flag while a couple of ranged
should be out of harm’s way dealing damage and handing out debuffs and snares
from a distance.

I’ve noticed through the Battlefield of Ganak games that I
have played, that often the defense of the flag ends up getting looked over.
Never under estimate the power of good defense! Remember, you cannot get the
points for returning the flag that you have captured unless the flag in your
fortress is in place so truly keeping a solid defense is very important.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016