Blade and Soul has a flexible and robust skill system that players can customize based on their own playstyle. At first it’s somewhat confusing as to when you get skills or how you further customize them, but it’s surprisingly simple. To access your skills, press B.  

Skill and Training Point Acquisition

When you begin to play Blade and Soul, you will receive a Martial Tome that explains the abilities of the Hongmoon Clan as applicable to your class. As you progress and level up, you’ll unlock the ability to customize your skills and with each level you gain, after level 15, you’ll also gain a training point to spend. By level 40, you will have 41 Skill Points available.

Spending Your Skill Points

When you reach level 15 and acquire your first Skill Point, you’ll be able to begin spending it when you complete Chapter 17 of the main story. You’ll be able to learn new skills through the Skill Point system and spend them on improving existing skills. It should also be noted that not every skill has an upgrade path. For example, the Summoner has 5 additional skills that can be purchased from Skill Points, with these linked directly to existing skill locations (such as F or RMB).

How You Should Spend Your Skill Points

There’s honestly no right or wrong answer here and 41 Skill Points provides a lot of flexibility as to how you create your build. There’s a great deal of options with each path of a skill tree adjusting the value or utility of a skill. It’s simply a case of deciding 

Resetting Your Skill Points

To reset your skill points, all you have to do is select the skill and press the middle mouse button. To reset all skills, use the left mouse button.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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