Blade & Soul at various points will have you enter into instanced dungeon areas to complete your quests. Most of the time, these dungeons are just single player instances and could even break when you bring a friend that's not on the quest. However, there will be many in your journey where you'll enter and get a warning that this dungeon isn't soloable at your level. This warning can or can not be true, depending on the dungeon and how difficult it is. Most dungeons I have completely ignored the warning for, but, there is some dungeons this warning is very apropos: epic dungeons.

The dungeons that you can solo the easiest are going to be the uncommon or green colored 6-player dungeons. All 6-player dungeons have a little magnifying glass on the map that you can hover over / click on. If it doesn't have one, then it's a 2-player or solo dungeon, in which case you can easily solo it without a problem. For the six-player dungeons you'll need to be ready to do a few things to get through them solo.

The first is to understand that at any time, you can leave and get a group. The group finder is a little hard to understand, but it basically advertises for you. If someone else is interested in the dungeon, you'll either automatically join their group or they'll join yours. You'll also get IMs from people requesting to join, which you can add to your party. It's probably going to be the easiest, but you're going to have to bid for the gear that drops.

Next, dungeons like: Plague Hollow, Lakeside Cache (Viridian Poison), Adder's Nest (Dura's Ring), and The Darkglimpse are rather easy to solo, with The Darkglimpse the first dungeon in Cinderlands presenting the first problem. Epic dungeons like Blackram Hollows are a lot harder. I was able to successfully solo the entire dungeon, until the final boss who uses a skill that requires your party to beat him down. Unless you're overleveled, he's going to destroy you in quick work, meaning you'll either need lots of healing in your build or a few helping friends to get you through it.

Now, here is the first thing to do: check your build (K). Look through and make sure your skills all heal you and deal massive single target damage the best you can. You're going to want to burn down the boss while keeping your health going. The trash mobs are not going to be a problem. Next, if you've been storing your soul shards, you'll want to equip the ones with the most health to them. However, that's probably going to be a lot of effort.

Approach trash (the random enemies in the game are known as trash mobs) in groups of one and always use the various environmental effects they drop. Bombs can generally cull one or two enemies in a group and anything that stuns is great. Don't bite off more than you can chew and you should be fine.

You'll also want to keep healing potions on you. You'll get a ton as you quest and it's good to save them for the dungeons. I rarely had to use them, as most of my healing came from my skills in my specific solo dungeon build, but they can be a lifesaver. Don't forget the Dragonblood too, as it'll revive you up to three times in one fight.

The benefits to soloing is that you can get your breakthrough weapon without having to bid against anyone, assuming it's not a reward from the sort of dynamic quest that occurs when you either start the dungeon or engage the final boss, which generally grants a loot chest as well.

That's about all to pay attention to! You can solo dungeons, be sure to spec into healing, bring healing items, and pull enemies very carefully and you should blow through most every green or blue 6-player dungeon.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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