Bristlebane Day Celebration!


Bristlebane Day is the only day of the year that you get to ask someone to pull your finger and it's okay! Err, well maybe not THAT particular prank, but I'm sure you all can find some that won't send the more delicate of people running away from you looking for a polite place to break into dry heaves. Humorous little goofs on friends, and harmless little jokes on neighbors, it's all in good fun and Bristlebane couldn't be happier that we all do it in his honor.

Bristlebane "Helmet"

To celebrate Bristlebane Day, SOE tossed event quests and goodies for a few days to liven up the atmosphere. These quests can be found in Qeynos, Freeport, Kelethin, Gorowyn, and Neriak so no one is left out of the festivities!

To start, speak with Blat Berison. You'll find him just outside South Qeynos, West Freeport, Gorowyn Beach Outpost, Outside Neriak in Darklight Woods, or off of the Green Knoll ramp in Greater Faydark.

Tin Metal Protection - Blat will send you to speak with an NPC who will send you to speak with an NPC who will send you to speak with an NPC.. Fun, huh? I'll spare you the dialog with each of the NPCs but I will give locations:

  • Frethe Zizlop -
    • Qeynos Harbor: Inside Hall of Steel near the clock.
    • West Freeport: Near the mender.
    • Gorowyn: West end of the housing area.
    • Neriak: At the Forge of Blue Flame.
    • Kelethin: At Gearheart's Forge.
  • Zoe Hertzflip -
    • Qeynos Harbor: Second floor Mermaid's Lure.
    • West Freeport: Inside Bloodhaze Inn.
    • Gorowyn: Inside the Grand Anathaeum.
    • Neriak: Near the dock.
    • Kelethin: Inside Jysolin's Pub
  • Barb Islenet -
    • South Qeynos: Second floor Balcony of the Herb Jar.
    • North Freeport: Near Stonestair Byway.
    • Gorowyn: Platform in Timorous Maw near docks.
    • Neriak: Near the broker.
    • Kelethin: Inside the Research Library.
  • Abner Siblet -
    • South Qeynos: Inside the Lion's Mane Inn.
    • North Freeport: Inside the Jade Tiger's Den.
    • Gorowyn: At Dragon's Anchor.
    • Neriak: In the building near the bank.
    • Kelethin: Inside Joleena's Restaurant.
  • Bellazzor Fribles -
    • Antonica: South of the griffon tower you'll see a little camp fire, he spawns when you move close. Kill him!
    • Commonlands: West of the Crossroads.
    • Gorowyn: Western end of the island, west of Blacktalon.
    • Darklight Woods: Southwest of Neriak near the corner of Innoruk's Scar.
    • Greater Faydark: Southwest of Joleena's Acorn Lift.

Now all you have to do is run back to everyone, visiting the last NPC first and turn in each sub-quest. Easy as jumjum pie!

Card Deck

When you return to Blat, you will find that the little stinker was really *dramatic pause* The Grand Prankster himself! Yeah, it's really him, you can tell by his feet. Icky.

I promise it wasn't all just for his amusement though, and for being a good sport, you get a couple of cool house items and some pretty good achievement experience! What more could you ask for?

You're material reward for this is a "helmet", which is really just a cooking pot turned upside down, that "protects" you by sparkling. It's pretty, and it adds a tiny bit in rent reduction. You'll also get a decks of cards to lay about your home which also gives rent reduction.

I hope you've enjoyed this little walk through and these little quests. If you have any questions or comments regarding this guide or the quests, please let us know on our forums! Happy Bristlebane Day!


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016