Bristlebane Miracles Guide

Bristlebane is the fun and naughty trickster Deity of Norrath, made even cooler by the fact that you can pelt enemies with anvils if you choose to follow him! He is neutral so this God is a perfect choice for scouts of all kinds, or perhaps even fighters who play the DPS role quite often and feel the need to follow the King of Thieves.

Each Blessing and Miracle is unlocked the further you progress in the Bristlebane quest line. You purchase these abilities with the favor earned through the quests, or if need be, through offerings made at the altar.

Please visit our Bristlebane Deity Quest Guide to get all of the details on the quests including starting NPC, rewards, and faction earnings.



Grin of the Trickster (750 favor) - Grants a caster a 35% chance of making an additional attempt to avoid being hit by a melee attack using the caster's avoidance. Increases piercing, slashing, and crashing of caster. Must have completed the Quest "Trial by Pie".

Bristlebane's Hymn (875 favor) - Increases damage per second caster. Increases speed of caster
by 50%. Must have completed the Quest "Prank'd".

Rogue's Folly (1000 favor) - Increases caster's attack speed
by 50% and lowers caster mitigation to physical damage by 15%. Must have completed the Quest "Coin Job".

Mischief Maker (1125 favor) - 1 minute duration. Dispels
hostile stifle, hostile daze, hostile root, hostile fear, hostile stun, and
hostile mez effects on caster. Makes caster immune to fear, stifle, root, daze,
mez, and stun effects. Must have completed the Quest "Pie Pilfering".

Deck of the King's Court (1250 favor) - Summons one card from the Deck of the King's Court. The caster's inventory must be free of cards before another card can be drawn from the deck.



Anvils of Fizzlethorpe (1125 favor) - Summons and drops anvils on the heads of up to 8 foes within 4 meters, stunning them for 30 seconds or until damaged.

See No Evil (1312 favor) - Decreases threat to target in area of effect. Draws considerable attention away from the caster for a short duration. Shape changes caster. Increases melee crit chance. Must have completed the Quest "Prank'd".

Mini Militia (1500 favor) - Summons 5 limited pets to aid the caster. Must have completed the Quest "Coin Job".

Disappearing Act (1687 favor) - Instantly causes you and your group to vanish from sight for 30 seconds. If you are in combat when you disappear, all creatures in combat will forget about your previous actions. Must have completed the Quest "Pie Pilfering".

Swindle Fate (1875 favor) - All damage that would normally kill the player is ignored for 15 seconds.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016