XCOM 2 brings a whole new level of customization that allows you to fine tune your soldiers to fit your playstyle, and counter the enemy’s sinister attacks and abilities. While much of the equipment and gear will take time and resources to develop and produce, the edge it will give your soldiers on the field of battle is well worth it, especially when you start facing the tougher aliens later in the story.

Much of how you customize your squad will depend on who you like to roll with and what your play style is, but there are some combinations of gear and class that you should definitely take a look at. Here are our suggestions.


The deadly ranger specializes in getting up close and personal with enemies before unleashing a devastating shotgun blast or sword strike. They should always be equipped with your heartiest armor. Agility and ammo also play an important role when you’re right in an alien’s face.

  • Agility P.C.S.
  • Extended Ammo Clip or auto loader
  • Sights to max out their shotgun accuracy
  • Mind Protection Device since they’ll usually be the closest to the bad guys, or under armor (hell weave etc.) if you have a high will rating


Usually located at the back of the pack, you’ll want to make sure your sniper has a good scope equipped to maximize criticals and hit chance. There are other aim increasing items that you should equip, but aren’t necessary if you’ve maxed it out.

  • The best scope you have
  • P.C.S. increase to the aim stat
  • Armor Piercing ammunition
  • Mimic Beacon can be useful if you get flanked


The master of disaster, the Grenadier can benefit from pretty much any modifications you give him. For starters, you should outfit him with the best explosives on hand. They can also shred armor extremely well, so grab some accuracy boosting items to make sure that massive mini gun stays on target.

  • Auto Loader or Extended magazine
  • Best grenades you have researched
  • Armor Piercing rounds to chew up armor even more effectively
  • Health boosting P.C.S. and armor

PSI Operative

Of course your best piece of gear here is the PSI Amp, and because most of the PSI Operatives offensive power comes from that space magic, you can save on gun modifications if you’re running low. Build them to fill in your squad’s weakness, or to carry items you seldom use, but appreciate when you have them like the Mimic Beacon or Smoke/ Flash grenades.

  • Flash/Smoke Grenades
  • Health P.C.S. or Mobility
  • Medkit
  • Repeater for gun (just in case you get lucky)


The specialist already has a large bag of tools at their disposal, but you can make them even more effective with the right equipment. They are usually right in the fray with the squad, so some health bonuses are always useful, as are agility perks. Like the PSI Operative, their weapon damage isn’t the greatest, so build them to support your other units.

  • Movement or Health P.C.S.
  • Medkit (if playing as a medic)
  • Grenades (smoke, flash, explosive)
  • Battlescanner to get the lay of the land

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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