You have six slots on your power bar in DC Universe Online and a plethora of powers to choose from, what do you do? Closing your eyes and pointing for winners is not an option, so we have a little practical advice for the Fire powerset.

One slot should either have Backdraft or a movement skill to draw your enemies to you. You can get it from a variety of sources, including Lasso from the Iconic Powers line or Grapple Line Attack from the acrobatics line. Being able to pull mobs to you when you need to battle close range is important.

If you have picked up the Fire powerset or are considering it for your next character, this guide will help you stack your power bar with the abilities that will get things done.

Have you been playing the Fire powerset and have an amazing loadout that works for you? Share it on our forums for all to ooh and ahh over.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016