Regardless of what MMOG you play, you will find a common theme in general group dynamics; healers have a very important role in nearly any group. In DC Universe Online, you'll find that same theme. Unfortunately, because healers might be a little intimidating to play, not enough people are trying out the Nature and Sorcery powersets. This guide will help demystify the Nature healer and clear the path for healers by giving loadout options that work.

First, from the Plants traits line, Vine Lash is really handy to have. Nature players tend to be a bit more squishy than the heartier classes, so being able to effectively pull mobs away from the pack is really very essential. If you head down the left side of the trait tree you can pick up Impaling Thorns or Briar at lower levels, both of which are solid damage powers to have on hand.

Read up on the Nature powerset and plan out your loadout with this Nature Loadout Guide.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016