In Destiny the Titan is like a regular ‘ol knight in the fantasy world. With high armor, the Titans are able to stand out in the open and fight with their feet firmly planted in the ground. While other guardians move to find cover, the Titan pushes forward, and even upward at the start of a fierce battle.

Titans are either a melee powerhouse or a defensive god, depending on which sub-specialization you choose. Due to their heartiness, they’re able to stand toe to toe with the front lines, making their fists their greatest weapon.

Like every class in Destiny, they can use all weapon and most armor, making them as effective as every other class, but when it comes to their special traits, they get a lot more heartiness than the other two, in exchange for damage and utility.

A lot of the extra traits in the Titan Codex focus on armor and recovery, with a side of agility. Titans might not do the most damage, but they can take the most. This is very marginalized though, again, as all guardians are hearty killing machines. Titans are a little bit heartier.

The Specializations - Striker and Defender

You start as a Striker, a brave knight ready to strike foes in the face with their fist, but you can choose to become a Defender at level 15 which allows you to defend yourself and your allies from the constant onslaught facing the remains of Humanity.


The special movement ability for Titans is Lift. It’s similar to the Warlock’s glide ability, but has a stronger upward burst and less control while in the air. It’s great for dodging enemy fire because there is that fast upward jerk when you press the jump the second time, which throws off the aiming for your enemy, both AI and Human.

When fighting a Titan, it’s always good when they jump to aim a bit further up since you can expect them to lift out of danger every single time they jump. This will give you the advantage of catching them off guard.

Striker Abilities

Fist of Havoc (Super)

The super ability for the Titan is Fist of Havoc which is a huge ground smash that throws Arc energy everywhere. You leap into the air to, so you can aim where it goes or, if you don’t move your joystick, you can do it from where you stand. It can hurt you as well, so be careful of moving into it when you use it.

The best time to activate it is in confined spaces, where enemies can’t get away fast enough, or where you can catch them off-guard and unleash it right in their face.

Shockwave (Melee)

When you connect with Fist of Havoc, you send a wave of damage through the enemy and behind it, hurting other nearby foes. It’s great to use when enemies are clumped together or in chokepoints.

Striker Grenades

Flashbang Grenade: Blinds in PvP, Disorients in PvE. Useful to distract someone who is trying to attack you.

Pulse Grenade: Similar to the Vortex Grenade, the Pulse Grenade does DoT damage to enemies near it (50dmgx4). Best used in confined spaces or areas where enemies will be inside of it.

Lightning Grenade: Sticky grenade, once it hits something and attaches, it pulses four times for 100 damage in a very small area. Great placed on walls near an enemy.

Defender Abilities

Ward of Dawn (Super)

One of the best supers in the game in my opinion, it erects a void wall for 30 seconds that blocks incoming and outgoing attacks. It’s insanely wonderful for team games or even solo, as you can erect it near a wall and move in and outside of it for cover. It can only absorb so much damage, but usually only a super can take it out. PvE you’d need a ton of damage to hurt it.


Killing an enemy with Disintegrate grants a 75 health barrier for 15 seconds.

Defender Grenades

Magnetic Grenade: Sticky grenade. If attached to someone in PvP they’re pretty much dead. In PvE focus on high health enemies only.

Spike Grenade: Sticky grenade similar to Lightning Grenade. It deals damage faster and in smaller amounts.

Suppressor Grenade: This keeps enemies from using their abilities for 10 seconds in both PvP and PvE. Great if you’re in a fireteam and you’re trying to lock someone or something down.

Titan Tips

While you are considered a melee type class, it’s important to still remember that everyone in Destiny is paper thin and only Human-esq. Just like in Halo, a few too many bullets and you’re dead. The extra armor just means you have a few more seconds margin of error to move in and out of fire.

Close range guns work really well for Titans, including the Auto Rifle, however, they do just as good as anyone else with the Sniper.

Ward of Dawn is insanely useful for harder missions where you’ll have a flood of enemies that both charge you and launch attacks from range in order to take some of the ranged heat off while you kill the melee attackers.

That’s pretty much it for the Titan, so head on out there and continue to defend the last city.


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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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