In Destiny the Warlock is sort of an equivalent to a fantasy spell caster. While Titans focus on survivability and Hunters on range and damage, the Warlock focuses more on throwing grenades that deal massive damage and mobility.

The coolest Warlock ability, outside of their grenades, is their ability to glide. This is the single handed most useful skill in the game to me, because it lets you move around the terrain so easy and lets you basically go places other classes can’t as quickly, making it a godsend for PvP.

Sure the other classes get more upward momentum, but the Warlock has grace and control, able to target where they land and be able to throw their enemies off track with the ability to change direction midair easily. Just jump, glide and change direction, then let go and your enemy will have little idea where to shoot.

Though, again, there is the all-star Warlock ability: the nova bomb. This is a almost-guaranteed fatal move in PvP and in PvE it can clear out a lot of baddies. I mean a lot. It’s like the kamehahaha from DBZ except in Destiny and on the PS4 and not on TV. You’re going to want to power up if you’re going to play a warlock, possibly to a level beyond 9000.

The Specializations - Voidwalker and Sunsinger

You start as a Voidwalker, but at level 15 you can choose to spec between the Voidwalker and the Sunsinger. Here is the simple easy to understand no BS difference: Voidwalkers can spam grenades and do a ton of damage while Sunsingers are a fireteam’s best friend because they can resurrect and buff teammates.


Glide is an ability that the Warlocks have similar to the other classes. Glide slows you decent and upgraded will grant better control. It can also be replaced with blink, which will let you teleport forward a short distance.

Voidwalker Grenades

The Voidwalker has the following grenades:

  • Vortex Grenade: Does damage over time to enemies caught within it. Has no damage falloff and does around 350 damage, 600 when upgraded.
  • Scatter Grenade: Throws a grenade that launches mini void bombs that deal damage to enemies.
  • Axion Bolt: A grenade that when launched, seeks out your enemies. Great tool in PvP when hunting other players out, just follow where the grenade goes.

Voidwalker Abilities

Energy Drain

This melee ability decreases the cooldown on your grenades. It can be upgraded to boost movement speed, restore health, or reduce the cooldown of Nova Bomb on a kill.

Nova Bomb

This super ability does a ton of damage in a big burst in front of you. It can be upgraded to be faster, apply a DoT, or split into three.

Sunsinger Grenades

Sunsingers have the following grenades:

  • Solar Grenade: Same as the Vortex grenade listed above.
  • Firebolt Grenade: Similar to the Voidwalker one, except it breaks out into 4 seeker bombs, except it sets the enemies on fire with Touch of Flame.
  • Fusion Grenade: Sticky grenade. Fatal to players in PvP if you stick it to them. Does 100 regular damage if someone’s in the center of the blast, but a bonus 65 damage if it’s stuck to them. Not that hot for PvE

Sunsinger Abilities


Scorch is a melee attack that lights enemies on fire, effectively putting a DoT on them. Solar Wind is super powerful, providing a knockback which is great when dealing with the Hive. Brimstone lets them explode if it does the killing blow and Flame Shield gives you a defensive buff.


Your super ability basically increases your damage and just buffs everything for 13 seconds, strong enough that one melee hit could take out most players in PvP and the insane amount of grenades you can launch is just fantastic. Upgrades let it reduce cooldown for allies, reduces the damage you take, and the best one lets you revive while dead. The revival thing is critical in missions that have limited revives.

Warlock Tips

You are a massive target while in the air and Warlocks stay in the air a lot, a lot more if you take Angel of Light. So don’t be afraid to just drop to the ground to help ruin someone’s aim on you. While fighting in PvE, it’s less critical, although the AI seems to not deal with strafing and can easily fire into the air.

While fragile, don’t be afraid to melee. It’s going to decrease your grenade cooldown where a lot of your damage comes from, and it’s a massive hit on enemies in the game. Bosses and players in PvP don’t take kindly to you getting close, but if the opportunity presents itself, put a palm to someone’s face.

Nova Bomb has one of the longest cooldowns in the game, but don’t let that scare you from using it. It’s super powerful and great to score some easy kills.

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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