It's time to be the very best saiyan out there and fight evil across time in Dragonball Z Xenoverse. In this unique fighter, you're tasked with correcting the wrongs through time in the next DBZ 3D fighting game. Your character is as unique as you, as such you can customize it for up close melee combat or ranged ki blast, from hearty tank that can take a beating to a glass cannon that aims for the one two punch. 

Race & Sex 

In DBZXV, your race and sex determine your build, with your race determining where you should and shouldn't spend your points. For instance, Humans probably don't want a ton of Max Ki, because Ki regenerates over time for them.  It's important to understand each race's special bonus: 

  • Majin - Higher defense, lower stamina recovery speed, bonus defense at maximum stamina. Males have more health but slower movement speed, females have less health but faster movement speed. 
  • Saiyan - Higher attack, lower health, bonus attack below 25% health. If KO'd, they will revive with extra stats. Can transform to SSJ1 and SSJ2. Males have stronger melee strikes and longer buffs but weaker special attacks, females have stronger Ki stamina recovery, but lower health. 
  • Namekian - Lower attack power, more health, and items are 1.5x as effective and stamina regenerates 1.5x faster. Additionally, below 70% health they will regenerate. There is only male Nameks. 
  • Earthling - Balanced stats, Ki automatically refills, attack power increases at maximum Ki. Can use Kioken. Males have stronger basic attacks, females have stronger ki blasts. 
  • Freiza Clan - High movement speed, lower health, and faster movement speed below 50% health.  


Here are the stats in DBZ XV and what they mean: 

  • Max Health (HEA) - This stat determines how much health you have. This is useful for Namekians and Majins, who are defense based, and benefit from increased health (and time on the battlefield). 
  • Max Ki (Ki) - This stat is for players who utilize a lot of supers/Ki attacks. SSJ drains your Ki, so as a Saiyan who plans on using it, you'll want to invest in it.
  • Max Stamina (STM) - Stamina is  used in a variety of non-Ki based attacks. You're going to want to increase this, no matter your fighting style (unless you're all Ki blasts and supers...), anyway, it's really useful. Namekians can replenish Stamina much faster than others. 
  • Basic Attacks (ATK) - This is your damage across all of your basic non-super attacks. Everyone needs this. 
  • Strike Supers (STR) - This is your strike super damage, which are short ranged often melee type supers, consuming Stamina.. You should choose to go all in on one or the other. 
  • Ki Blast Supers (BLA) - Thisi s your ki blast supers, which are long range Ki blast attacks, consuming Ki. You should choose to go all in on one or the other, unless your specific build calls otherwise. 

For STR and BLA, hold off a bit until you're a bit further in the game and know where you want points to go. Health and Basic Attacks are always good places to stuff points, although keep in mind your racial starting attributes and specialties. 



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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016

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