Ekko is a time twisting champion who can do damage from long and close range, while also having the option to rewind 4 seconds into the past placing him where he was at that moment. For new players this may be a bit confusing at first, but remembering where you were is made a lot easier by the “time shadow” that follows you around 4 seconds in the past. Despite this somewhat steep learning curve, Ekko is an extremely fun champion to play and is absolutely deadly once you know what you’re doing. To help you get on the right track, here are some tips for playing Ekko.

Synergize Your Abilities

Ekko’s abilities work best when they are used together. When you’re initiating, throw your Parallel Convergence onto them and then Phase dive into it to activate the stun. If there’s a group, you can throw your Timewinder into them so that they wont be able to escape the stun zone before it goes off.

Using Phase Dive to quickly move into your Convergence also has the added benefit of beefing up your next basic attack, and gives you the shield from being in the Convergence zone. A perfect combination for laying down some pain.

Use Your Ultimate as a Teleport

Chronobreak will return you to anywhere you were 4 seconds ago, even if you recalled back to base. If you want to get back to lane instantly because your lane mate is getting ganked or you’re about to lose tower, pop your R before 4 seconds passes by to jump right back.

Of course the downside is that you’ll have used your ultimate, but sometimes the time it saves is more than worth it.

Harass with Q

Timewinder is a great harass tool because it both damages and disables the enemy champion and cannot be blocked by minions or other champs. Periodically fire it out to whittle them down and then Phase Dive onto them to finish the job.

After you’ve leveled a little more you can also use it for farming minions very quickly.

Use Parallel Convergence to Escape

Your W is a great AoE stun, but it also has the added benefit of applying a shield to Ekko when he enters its area. If you find your self on the run and low on health, throw it ahead of you to pick up a shield for a short duration. The extra health buffer you receive just may be enough to allow you to escape.

Combine Your Convergence with Your Ultimate

Chronobreak deals a good deal of damage to the area where Ekko was 4 seconds ago, this trick takes some good timing but if you pull it off you will have incapacitated and nuked a group of enemies into the ground.

The key is placing the Parallel Convergence on the same spot as the enemy team and where your Chronobreak ghost is. If you can time this correctly you will teleport into the enemy ranks dealing a bunch of AoE damage while also activating the convergence and locking them in place. This leaves you in a great spot to finish off any enemies that weren’t blown up by your ult, or for the rest of your team to move in for the kill.

Dash and Timewinder

Despite Timewinder’s effectiveness it moves very slowly and most enemies can avoid it if they’re not in it’s initial impact zone. To make things a little trickier Phase Dive dash forward before throwing out your Q to drop it right on top of the enemy. You can then use the blink you receive from Phase Dive to jump right on top of them and finish the kill.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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