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The Cormans aren't the only hippies in the world of Tabula Rasa. Part 2 of the Eloh Vale Access Mission focuses on the Forean Rangers, and their love of the giant, smelly, noisy Treebacks. The Bane incursion to this peaceful world has endangered the creatures that call this place home. Put away your soap, pull out your tie-dyed shirt, and join the crusade to save the Treebacks.

Proving Conservation

This mission requires completion of Proven Commitment, which begins with Watchman Hillenmeyer in Lake Elinor at 324,128,604. This is the access mission for entrance to the Temple of the Proud Patriarch Instance, the second of 3 temples. Note you do not have to complete the Bowed Patriarch instance to get this mission. Warden Kahlee stands outside the Temple of the Proud Patriarch at -673,192,-90.

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You must show you are dedicated to conservation, and aiding the Treeback herds is your way to prove it. Travel southeast to Viands Village, and find Ranger Urialia up in the elevated tree huts at -226,186,-463. He directs you to seek out the other rangers in the village to provide more assistance. You receive a reward of 1900 credits, and choice of Class 3 Fragmentation Grenade, Class 3 Standard Med Pack, or Class 3 Res Trauma Kit.

Healing the Herd

This mission requires the completion of Proving Conservation, which begins with Warden Kahlee outside the Temple of the Proud Patriarch at -673,192,-90. Ranger Jorai waits below the trees at 292,171,-570. The Forean Rangers have been feeding the local treebacks a special food to help them survive the Bane polluting presence. You will need to fill 5 feeders around the area with the medicated feed. Your first stop is just south at -319,173,-632. Next is southwest at -357,173,-674. Jog over to the Ft. Dew Control Point for another stop at -274,171,-794. East of there is stop number 4 at -188,175,-805. Pour the last of your feed out at -37,170,-659. Circle back around to Ranger Jorai, and receive your reward of 3000 credits, and choice of CryoGen Stealth Armor Helmet, ChiTech Graviton Armor Boots, or Pulsar Hazmat Armor Vest.

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Intercept Bane Hunting Parties

Ranger Jorai has another mission for you. He's worried about the recent increased Bane patrols that have made it dangerous for the rangers to venture out. You'll need to find one of the hunting parties, and retrieve the attack plans they carry. The hunting parties spawn east of the bridge marked on the picture here, then cross west over the bridge and hang out behind the mountains for a few minutes. They'll proceed up the path North towards the bunker. Expect to take on a large group of around 8 Thrax. When you've got your kills, return to Jorai for 2850 credits and a new piece of armor.

Save the Cubs

This mission requires the completion of Healing the Herd, which begins with Ranger Jorai at 292,171,-570. Ranger Kevlo stands near a fire pit at -170,171,-555, fretting over the recent loss of treeback cubs. Someone or something has been leading the cubs away from their feeding grounds, never to be seen again. Stake out the treeback nursery around -330,170,-820, and watch for the mysterious kidnapper. Keep an eye out for the selenous treemites and warnets infesting the area. You're watching for a named lightbender named Hygax, who is easy to spot with the whitish glow around his body. If you don't immediately spot him, wait around a few minutes for him to respawn. Hygax is a level 20 Palisades Boss, and his armor regen is very high. He's fast, and doesn't stand still for you to take aim. EMP and electric weapons will help you take down his armor, while you chase around trying to melee him down. Killing Hygax will update your mission log, and you can return to Ranger Kevlo for your reward of 3000 credits, and choice of Vextronics Incendiary Injector Gun, Eclipse Rocket Launcher, or Olympia Hazmat Armor Boots.

Saving the Herd Patriarch

This mission requires the completion of Save the Cubs, which begins with Ranger Kevlo at -170,171,-555. Up in the trees at -209,184,-575, Ranger Gorodai has just received some bad news. The treeback herd patriarch has wandered away, and appears to be ill. The local treeback herd will not survive if the patriarch is allowed to die. Take the medicine from Ranger Kevlo to Field Medic Wohlgemuth in the Staging Area cave, far to the east at 868,126,222. Be sure to obtain the waypoint here, before you leave. The medic doesn't see the point in saving “some dumb animal,” but agrees to help you modify a healing disc to deliver the medicine. Walk 2 steps over to the medical vendor and buy a standard healing disc for 500 credits, and deliver it to Wohlgemuth for a 2000 credit reward.

Saving the Herd Patriarch II

This mission requires the completion of Saving the Herd Patriarch, which begins in Viands Village with Ranger Gorodai at -209,184,-575. You've successfully walked 2 steps to buy a Healing Disc, since Field Medic Wohlgemuth, at 868,126,222, just couldn't be bothered. He's made his adjustments, and added the special Forean medicine to the disc. Grab the disc and head out of the cave, taking a left as soon as you hit daylight. Watch out for wandering Bane troops, and be careful with your shotguns that could harm the treeback.

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The Herd Patriarch wanders aimlessly around 795,152,-365 (conveniently close to Logos: Tomorrow). Drop your Healing Disc on to your weapons tray, target the treeback, and shoot (even a soldier can do it). This is a big guy, and it may take several hits before the medicine takes effect. Head back to the cave and return the Healing Disc to Wohlgemuth. Hop on the transporter, and waypoint back to Viands Village to meet with Ranger Gorodai. Congratulations! You are now an official Forean hippy, and savior of the treeback herd. For your efforts you receive 3000 credits, and choice of Prodigy Radial Healing Disc, Titan Salvage Tool, or Astra Direct Repair Tool.

Proven Conservation

This mission requires completion of Saving the Herd Patriarch II, which begins with Field Medic Wohlgemuth in Staging area at 868,126,222. Return to Ranger Urialia up in the trees at -227,186,-463 and receive his thanks for a job well done. You have proven that you are a true friend, and that anyone can be a hippy. Ranger Urialia gives his blessing for you to return triumphant to the Temple of the Proud Patriarch. Take the transporter to waypoint Walk of Giants, and head over to Warden Kahlee at -674,192,-89. You have earned the right to enter the Temple of the Proud Patriarch, 2000 credits, and choice of Class 4 Fragmentation Grenade, Class 4 Res Trauma Kit or Class 4 Cryogenic Grenade.

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