Getting good gear in
EverQuest II takes a lot of hard work
and when you finally score that perfect piece of equipment, the first thing you
want to do is find the right adornment for it. The trouble is, adornments are
expensive so trial and error isn’t really a good game to play with something
that can set you back several plat, so before you buy, learn the basics of these
little gems of goodness that can make your good armor, great!

Adornments 101

You’ve heard people talk about them and you see them on the
broker, but what are they exactly?  Adornments are items that you can add to
your gear to provide additional stats and effects that players may find useful.
Options include adding to your resists or haste, boosting crit or double attack
chances, raising mitigations, or adding a proc. You pick and choose which
effects you want!

Generally, you’ll want to adorn only high quality items
that you intend to use for a while. Spending money adorning interim gear is a
fairly expensive and pointless habit that most won’t be able to afford.  You’ll
also want to splurge for the best adornments that you can afford, or better
yet…find a crafter pal that can make them for you at a lower cost than what they
go for on the market.

When you go to buy adornments, keep in mind that there are
certain rules that apply which are what we will cover next.

Finding the One

Finding them is easy. Adornments are primarily crafted so
you can find a wide variety on the broker. There are also a couple of select
NPCs that sell adornments in the Sentinel’s Fate city of Paineel and from the
battleground merchants that offer more specialized adornments.

Let’s take a look at a typical adornment and break down
what everything means.

The anatomy of an adornment.

Like all items in EQ2, you’ll first see the name of the
item and its quality type (Handcrafted, Mastercrafted, Fabled, Heirloom, etc).
You can use any quality of adornment with any quality of equipment. 

Next you will see a slot color. Adornments come in White
(the most common), Yellow, Blue (PvP only), and Red. The adornment you choose
must match the slot type for the piece of gear you wish to adorn. You cannot,
for example, use a white adornment on a yellow slot.

Below the slot color you will see a brief description that
will tell you what type of armor or weapon the adornment can be used on.
Adornments are specific to item types so you’ll need to pay attention to this
description to ensure that if you want an adornment for your chest piece that
the description says it will work for the chest.

Finally, you will see a level for the adornment. This is
also very important as the adornment level needs to coordinate with the item you
are choosing to adorn. For example, a level 60 adornment needs to be applied to
a level 60+ item. Higher level adornments won’t work on lower level items so
that level 60 adornment will not apply to a level 50 item.

Some adornments will also have a blurb at the item of their
tooltip that are specific to proc adornments or class specific adornments. These
are not usual, but if you see one just be certain that it is for the class that
it will be adorning.

Ready, Set, Adorn!

So now you know the basics and hopefully you have your
adornments and super cool gear in hand ready to get that baby pimped. First
thing, repair that gear! Your armor or weapon that you want to adorn needs to be
in tip top shape before it will accept an adornment.

Now that’s done, you can get this done. Just right click
the adornment from your inventory and select to use it. Your cursor will now
glow. Hover over the item you wish to adorn, if you have done everything right,
it should glow a bluish color indicating that it is acceptable to use on the
chosen item. If the adornment isn’t right for the item, the cursor will glow
red. Click the item you wish to adorn and it will apply to the item. With the
adornment applied, you can hover over your item to see it.

Now that you are all decked out in your fully maximized
duds, remember that adornments don’t have to be permanent. If you find a better
adornment that you’d rather use, you can apply it to the item and it will cancel
out the previously consumed adornment. Some items have two adornment slots of
different color types allowing you to use multiple adornments, just be extra
careful that you aren’t overwriting a current adornment that you want because
once gone, you can’t get it back.

My boots before adornment has been added.

New and improved boots with adornment in place.

Adorning as a Tradeskill

Adorning, which had previously been a all crafting class ability, is now its
own secondary tradeskill class. Transmuting has become a regular skill that all
players have, very much like gathering and mining, and has been replaced by the
secondary profession of adorning. If you previously had chosen to become a
transmuter, you have been automatically made a adorner with the Sentinel's Fate
game update.

To pick up the adorning secondary class, visit the NPC Tyla Maki on the
Butcherblock Mountain docks (/waypoint 761, 26, 598) or the NPC Noora Maki in
Kelethin near the pet merchant (/waypoint 414, 88, 234).

Now that you know how to adorn, go forth and create better
gear! You’ll find these little additions to your weapons and gear can make an
impact on your gameplay experience and are well worth the effort.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016