The EverQuest II Bards are a couple of the most desired classes in game
because of their excellent buffing and debuffing powers. Both the Dirge and the
Troubador rock in a group or raid environment and can hold their own in solo
gameplay, especially if they have a solid spec. Need help getting started on a
Alternate Advancement spec for your toon? We have interrogated all of our Bard
friends and have come up with a spec that can get you onto the right path of


Bard Line (100 pts)

  • STR (4, 4)
  • AGI (4, 4, 10, 0, 6)
  • STA (4, 4, 10)
  • WIS (4, 10, 10, 1, 6)
  • INT (4, 6, 0, 0, 6)

Dirge Line (100 pts)

Each of the lines has some usefulness so you may end up really using the full
100 points on this tree. Definitely upgrade your damage abilities and your
debuffs. Go easy on the Control line and heavier on your Degredations and Luck
lines. Pick up the end abilities Degredate, Confront Fear, and Luck of the
Dirge. Grab the SF abilities Wicked Wailing, Cacophonic Symphony, Controlling
Confrontations, and Elegy of Reawakening.

Dirge Shadows Line (70 pts)

General line fill health first, power if you have troubles running short on
power otherwise run speed is a nice addition especially if you PvP. In the Scout
line put points into Strengthened Links, Quick Strike, and Evasive Maneuvers.
For the Bard line use Shrieking Cry, Flanking Chorus, Intoxicating Notes, and
Dexterous Sonata. For the Dirge line grab Sacrificial Oration, Viral Infection,
Skald's Striking, and the final two abilities.


Bard Line (100 pts)

  • STR (4, 8)
  • AGI (4, 4, 10, 0, 8)
  • STA (-)
  • WIS (4, 8, 10, 1, 5)
  • INT (4, 10, 10, 0, 8)

Troubador Line (100 pts)

Most of your points will end up going into the Inspiration and Sonic lines,
especially if you group. If you solo a lot, grab your Cheap Shot and red damage
upgrades and debuffs. For your end line abilities, pick up Sonic Interference
and Resonance. For your SF abilities you'll want Resonating Concerto,
Harbinger's Ballad, and Energizing Ballad.

Troubador Shadows Line (70 pts)

In the General line, put your points into health and power unless there is
something else you can really use. In the Scout line pick up Strengthened Links,
Quick Strike, and Evasive Maneuvers. In the Bard line put your points into
Shrieking Cry, Flanking Chorus, Intoxicating Notes, and Dexterous Sonata. For
the final Troubador line max out Harbinger's Chorus, Master of Ceremonies,
Stealthy Strike, Court Jester, and the final two abilities.

Do you have a favorite spec that works great for you? Be sure to share on our
forums the magical combo that you have come up with to get things done!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016