If you are stepping back in EverQuest II after a break then you find that your armor and weapons are lacking a little in comparison to other players in the upper levels. Rather than suffer through to level 90 while striving to gear up and level up at the same time, read our overview of the better armor and weapon sets that are more attainable for returning players in these tiers.

For those who can’t find a group or tend to play solo or in small groups, you aren’t left out! At level 79 you can travel to Lavastorm and speak with Pallasa Rargon in the building on the Lavastorm docks. She gives a series of easy solo quests that will unlock the ability to take quests from Marathan Allim. She will continue the series of quests that will finally give up the ability to earn a shard a day with her solo shard quest.

Get the scoop on where and how to gear up in tier 8 and tier 9 in this overview!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016