Battleground Zone Description

Gears of
Klak'Anon is a six versus six player battleground. In this game, a relic is
placed in the middle of the zone on the center platform and the game objective
is to be the team holding it. The longer your team can hang on to the relic, the
more points you gain. What's the catch? The relic does a regular amount of heat
damage plus you have 6 people trying to kill you so that they can get a chance
to hold the relic.

You will
be dropped into a small clockwork zone with each team, one blue and one red,
placed on either side on a platform. A force field will keep you from jumping
the gun but once the timer goes off, it is a mad dash for the relic.

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The smallest of the maps allows for fast and furious


the relic first is key in winning. If you can manage to get the relic, all your
team needs to do is stave off the other team long enough to win the match.

When your
team gets the relic:

Once you
have gotten the relic, make your way to a back corner next to your spawning
platform. Near here you will find a tunnel that offers a bit of cover from
ranged combat and good control over incoming traffic. Plant the relic holder
between players and have your first line of defense at the lift and in the mid
tunnel. Your goal here is to protect the relic holder while picking off the
players that come in. If you're lucky, they will tend to trickle in a couple at
a time but if the other team is cohesive, they will come at you all six at once.

should be the first line of defense. Your goal is to keep anyone from making it
past you. Taunt like mad to keep opposing players from targeting your healers
and DPS. Also remember, the more you taunt, the more frequently the other team
will lose target causing frustration and confusion.

should position themselves behind the tanks but still close to the relic holder.
Because the relic does damage, you need to remember to keep the holder healed as
well as keeping those tanks topped off. AE heals are going to be very valuable

players have their choice of being on the outside, picking off the opposing team
as they approach from below or behind the tanks in the tunnel assisting. If you
can do both, even better! Use slows, snares, debuffs, etc to keep the newly
spawned players from approaching too quickly. This will give the tank a little
bit of time and space out incoming players during the barrage of attacks. Pets
make a wonderful annoyance, so use them liberally.

With a
tight protective ring around the relic holder, a strong team can fight off the
opponent through the entire battle. It takes good communication and a firm
commitment from each player, but I've watched this tactic work amazingly

If your
team does not have the relic:

rotten people beat you to it! All is not lost, however. During most Gears of
Klak'Anon games, many players are still not quite sure how it all works so often
this can be exploited and getting the relic back may not be as hard as you fear.

keep the team together and focus on targets together. Your goal isn't just to
slaughter players, your goal is to grab the relic and get it to a safe location
to set up a protective defense. If you are going in one player after another
upon re-spawning, you're basically just getting in line to die. It stinks, so
don't do it and stay with the group instead.

Once you
have all six players together, put the tanks in front and follow them in. The
main tank should pay special attention to targeting. If the other team is doing
their job right, their fighters will be taunting and you'll be hopping targets
constantly which makes it kind of hard to kill anyone. Both teams will end up
being in a tight and chaotic group so practice your targeting skills before even
stepping foot into a battleground.

players should be assisting the fighter and helping to protect the healers.

Make a
beeline for the relic holder, skip trying to take out high defense players and
instead target low defense - high damage players that stand between you and the
relic. It takes less time to kill 3 low defense players than it does trying to
whittle down a high defense guardian who probably has a healer. Taking out more
players in less time gives you less interference when trying to get to the
relic. Once you've reached the relic, kill the holder, take the relic, and get
your rear back to the safe spot mentioned above and take on a defensive role.

often forget the point of the Gears of Klak'Anon game and are just there to get
a taste of blood. There is no reason why a player can't take control and start
assigning roles and asking players to fulfill certain tasks. It all goes very
quickly, but a short and polite reminder (put it on a macro if you need to!) as
to what everyone should be doing is better than a wasted trip into a
battleground and could be the difference between earning one token for
completing the game, and three tokens for winning it.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016